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The beginning of the article lists so many contact methods, will inevitably make everyone feel a little bit of the meaning of the ad, but can not be questioned is that there is no ^_^ of the performance, although sometimes too meticulous will be said mother, but fortunately this meticulous for programming, or quite useful!

From silently to others ask how to learn PHP start, to later many people again to ask silently how to learn PHP, whether silently is a novice, or veteran, it seems that always feel a clear thread to come, but, silently since learned PHP, then I walk this road more or less have some reference.

PHP's background I'm afraid not to go into silence, I believe that we choose a language, not to see its background and a long history, more important is to see its practicality, flashy language even if it is a glorious history, but also the decline of the steps, the gratifying is that PHP withstood the test, and therefore, It's really a language worth learning.

Silently has been to listen to other people's experience grew up, and therefore in the experience of the predecessors so that silently less walk a lot of detours, faster into the formal, in this to those I do not know the name of their predecessors to say thank you, in the eyes of silence, help no size, as long as it is help, always let silently heart warm, I think, Predecessors to help me, not to get a thank you, more is out of a sense of responsibility and the expectation of silence, so I think, only learn PHP, can be worthy of the sweat of predecessors.

As I said, silently also finally feel a sense of responsibility, silently do not know their experience in the end can help beginners how much, but silently understand, now to fulfill the responsibility of the time, I have to tell their own experience to all want to learn PHP, the only way to let China's PHP continuous progress, Continuous development, occupy a place in the world.

Silently learn PHP This period of time, feel the domestic PHP environment is more and more mature, the norms are gradually sound, the establishment of Phpchina, marked with the official directly linked to the PHP agency in China officially settled in this offer of late applause!

Okay, cut to the chase:

I want to say something to someone who expects to get useful information from my article before I tell you about My Learning style:

Silent article will not play a substantial role in your study, you can succeed, but also rely on their own, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to, is to enter the success of the begotten.

I first put my own learning PHP process to do a summary:

Familiar with the basic elements of Html/css/js and other pages, complete the stage can make a complete Web page, to the element of the familiar degree of attributes
Understand the concept of dynamic language, transport mechanism, familiar with PHP syntax
Learn how to combine PHP with HTML to complete a simple dynamic page
Get in touch with MySQL and start designing database programs
Continue to consolidate, understand most PHP commonly used functions, and understanding Oop,mysql optimization, as well as template
Complete a fully functional dynamic site
My line may be with a lot of learning PHP fans coincide, this is a step-by-step learning process, but the novice do not see the above summary thought that learning is quite simple, silently here have to you a little splash of cold water, anything in fact is not simple, Even the snack sesame seed cake is not to be made at once.

Let me explain my idea of study first.

First of all, understand the concept of the site is not difficult to see, any site is composed of Web pages, that is, want to complete the site, you must first learn to do the Web page, so you must master the HTML, in order to lay the foundation for future production sites.

In learning HTML I want to learn while doing is the most effective way, of course, this way for learning PHP is also the most effective.

Any element in HTML has to be practiced in person, and only if you understand what the element will do, you will remember deeply, and blindly gnawing book, absolutely is not, I think most of the novice think the concept is difficult to learn, most is a word "lazy", lazy is the biggest enemy to prevent progress, so overcome the habit of lazy, Can learn the same thing faster.

Maybe when you are learning PHP, just want to develop a website as soon as possible, will want me to do the website, why to learn what webpage these pediatrics? It is not difficult to see, Yangaoshoudi Novice not a few, this idea is undoubtedly in building castles in the castle, you do not build the foundation, where to the roof?

OK, master the production of static Web pages is the prerequisite to learn to develop a website, this is mentioned here, because this article is not a tutorial article, it is not the technology for in-depth analysis of the plane.

I assume that you can now complete a static page, of course, do a good look ugly is another said, silently the first page is not good-looking where to go, but the "child" again ugly, we do "parents" can not abandon it? After all, this is our result.

So we began to learn the concept of dynamic language, just a touch of dynamic language, may be a lot of people will be blindfolded, how this messy things, in the Web page when the show is another thing? In fact, this is not a mess, you write the HTML code is not the same heap of characters? After all, the code is not as a direct output, but processed, frankly speaking, HTML is through the HTML parser, and PHP of course, through the PHP parser, and learn the same truth as HTML, want any parser to complete the operation, you must use their specific syntax structure, So it's no surprise that PHP looks strange.
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