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Let's talk about the MySQL character set. First of all, this article is purely my personal experience and is applicable to my common environments and projects.

Personally, we recommend that you use utf8 (HTMLThe page corresponds to UTF-8), so that your data can be smoothly migrated, because the utf8 character set is currently the most suitable character set for conversion between different character sets, although you may not be able to view it correctly on the command line toolDatabaseAnd I strongly recommend that you use utf8 as the default character set.

The following is a complete example:

1. create a database table

Mysql> create database if not exists my_db default charset utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

# Note the following sentence "COLLATE utf8_general_ci", which roughly means sorting by utf8 validation set during sorting

# The default character set of all data tables created in this database will be utf8.

Mysql> create table my_table (name varchar (20) not null default '') type = myisam default charset utf8;

# This statement creates a table. the default character set is utf8.

2. write data

Example 1: insert data directly using php:

A. php
Mysql_connect ('localhost', 'user', 'password ');
Mysql_select_db ('My _ db ');

// Note that this step is critical. without this step, all data reads and writes will be incorrect.
// It sets the default character set for data transmission during the database connection.
// Other programming languages/interfaces are similar, such as. net/c #/odbc
// For jdbc, set the connection string to "jdbc: mysql: // localhost/db? User = user & password = 123456 & useUnicode

= True & characterEncoding = UTF-8"

Mysql_query ("set names utf8 ;");
// You must convert gb2312 (locally encoded) to utf-8. you can also use the iconv () function.
Mb_convert_encoding ("insert into my_table values ('test');", "UTF-8", "gb2312 ");

B. php
// Output this page encoded as UTF-8
Header ("content-type: text/html; charset = utf-8 ");

Mysql_connect ('localhost', 'user', 'password ');
Mysql_select_db ('My _ db ');

Mysql_query ("set names utf8 ;");
If (isset (Talk about MySQL character set-webmaster College

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Introduction to MySQL character set

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