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PHP Benefits

1. Cross-platform, superior performance, with Linux/unix combined with Windows strong performance of 45%, and with many free platform combination is very economical, such as lamp (linux/apache/mysql/php) or Famp (Freebsd/apache /mysql/php), or if the data application is large enough to consider exchanging PostgreSQL or Oracle, and supporting n databases. (N >= 10)

2. Syntax is simple, if there is learning C and Perl is easy to get started, and with the ASP is part of the same. There are mature development tools, such as nuphped, or Zend Studio, and so on, and then the Linux platform can use Eclipse and so on.

3. Current mainstream technology support, such as WebService, Ajax, XML and so on, enough to apply.

4. More complete support, such as using ADODB or pear::D B To do the database abstraction layer, with smarty or smart template template layer, if it is PHP 5.1, you can also use PDO (PHP Data Object) to access the database.

5. There are many mature frameworks, such as the framework to support MVC: PHPMVC, supporting a event-driven framework: Prado, supporting a fast-developing framework like Ruby on Rails: cake, and so on, enough to meet your application needs.

6. PHP 5 already has a mature object-oriented system, able to adapt to the basic object-oriented requirements. Suitable for the development of large projects.

7. Have a mature community to support the development of PHP.

8. There are many large-scale applications are using PHP, such as Taobao, Yahoo, 163, Sina and so on large portals, many of the use of PHP as their development language, so large portals can choose it, I think enough to your use.

9. There are many open source framework or open source system can be used, such as the more well-known open source framework, Zend Framework, cake, CodeIgniter, symfony, open Source Forum has discuz!, Phpwind and so on, open source Blog WordPress, open source shop system such as Ecshop, Shopex and so on, open source SNS system such as Uchome, Thinksns and so on.


1. Multithreading support is not very good, most of the time we can only simple simulation to achieve.

2. Syntax is not very rigorous, such as variables do not need to define can be used, in the c,java,c++ variables must be defined before they can be used.

3. Perhaps the most painful place for experienced PHP programmers is the explanation of the PHP operating mechanism. This operating mechanism allows every PHP page to be interpreted and all related resources are recycled. That is, PHP has no way of keeping an object resident in the language level. In PHP, all variables are page-level, both global variables and static members of the class are emptied after the page has finished executing. For example, JSP, in JSP, Java bean scope has four valid values: page, application, session, request, corresponding to the page, program, sessions, requests four lifetimes. But in PHP, only the page is a lifetime.

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