TCG Development Log (6) Koa-body and JSON transfer

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When the JSON is passed in HTTP between the server and the client, the request can now be initiated with a fetch from the client:

var datas = {

var ret = await fetch ('/api/', {
Method: ' POST ',
' Content-type ': ' Application/json '
Body:JSON.stringify (Datas)

Originally in the URL after the fetch should be filled in localhost:3000/api, but in the local debugging there is a cross-domain problem, you can set the Webpack-dev-server agent to solve.

Add the proxy entry in the Webpack.config.js devserver:

'/api/* ': {
Target: "Http://localhost:3000/",

Service side, at this time in App.use (Async ctx=>{}), can indeed receive the corresponding CTX, but how to get the JSON sent by the client? You can't get it with Ctx.req.body or ctx.request.body.

Here's how to do this:

Ctx.req.on (' Data ', function (data) {
Console.log (data);

Log out of data is a char buffer:

In contrast to ASCII, it is the body that was previously JSON: {"foo": 1, "Bar": 2}, of course, it is not possible to handle it yourself, a bit of trouble.

KOA a middleware koa-body can easily handle this problem, install it first:

NPM Install Koa-body--save

Before handling the body, the middleware is executed first, and the middleware will store the final results in the ctx.request.body.

Import koabody from ' Koa-body ';


App.use (Koabody ({}));

App.use (Async ctx=>{
Console.log (Ctx.request.body);

Ctx.body = {
Message: "Hello!"

So you can see the body of the foo:1 and Bar:2, by the way, with Ctx.body to return a JSON to the client, the client can be handled as follows:

var Retjson = await Ret.json ();

Using the above method, the server and the client can send JSON to each other.

TCG Development Log (6) Koa-body and JSON transfer

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