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Use nginx and nginx-rtmp-module in Ubuntu to set up the correct posture of the Streaming Media Server. nginxrtmpmodule

Use nginx and nginx-rtmp-module in Ubuntu to set up the correct posture of the Streaming Media Server. nginxrtmpmodule When I used nginx and nginx-rtmp-module to build a Streaming Media Server, I encountered an embarrassing problem: when I added the

To explain the acceptance process of the request body in the core configuration module of Nginx _nginx

This article will mainly introduce the receiving process of the request in Nginx, including the parsing of the request header and the reading process of the request body. First, introduce the HTTP request basic format defined in rfc2616:

Nginx uses Naxsi to build a Web application firewall (WAF), anti-XSS, anti-injection XXX

Naxsi is an open source, efficient and low maintenance rule for Nginx Web application Firewall (Web application Firewall) module. The primary goal of Naxsi is to harden Web applications against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-domain

Nginx Log File Format and cut Log File

Nginx Log File Format and cut Log File As a Web server, logs are indispensable and need to be viewed frequently. This article introduces how to customize the log format in Nginx and use crontab to schedule tasks to cut log files once a day for

Nginx optimization and load balancing in high concurrency

Nginx optimization in high concurrency   Original English version: optimizing nginx for high traffic loads I have talked about some frequently asked questions about nginx in the past. Some of them are about how to optimize nginx. many new nginx

Record the parameter value of the POST request in Access log of the Nginx log

Background: Sometimes the program even if the parameter is less or not submitted to the next link in the URL after the problem, how to check it, the best way is to add the post parameters on the Nginx, to locate the problem can be a UiR code to

Compiling and installing nginx-1.4.2

1. #tar XF nginx-1.4.2.tar.gz2, #cd nginx-1.4.23, #./configure--prefix=/usr/local/nginx--conf-path=/etc/nginxExecutive post: error:the HTTP rewrite module requires the PCRE library. is a description of the missing Pcre-devel package,# RPM-QA |grep

VPS Server Configuration Ubuntu + LAMP + Nginx method

Web site Environment LAMP. What is LAMP? It is Linux + Apache + MySQL + php/perl abbreviation, is a concise, strong, widely supported site environment. At home there seems to be a lot of people recommend to change A (Apache) to N (Nginx), but I do

"Go" Linux install Nginx

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Download an nginx version of tar.gz from the official website.installation mode using make installationFirst step: UnzipTAR-ZXVF

Linux Compiler installation Nginx

First, the necessary software preparation1, installation PcreIn order to support the rewrite feature, we need to install Pcre# yum Install Pcre-devel2. Installing OpenSSLRequires SSL support, skip this step if SSL support is not required# yum

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