Teach you eight ways to easily stay away from spam and eight ways to stay away from Spam

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Teach you eight ways to easily stay away from spam and eight ways to stay away from Spam
In the last month of last year, the US survey showed that the number of spam mails broke the historical record, accounting for 94% of all emails. In addition to viruses and Trojans, spam has become another "public hazard" on the Internet ". This article has sorted out ten methods to deal with spam. Let's take a look at whether it is a foreign website and whether it meets the situation in China needs to be considered.

There are eight ways to easily stay away from spam:

1. Use the Mail Filter System

This should be a common method for many people. Large mail service providers will also provide such services, but it is still not accurate enough.

2. Use a virus filtering system

Many spam take advantage of the Trojan virus. If you reject the virus, the related spam will also be accessible.

3. Protect your email address

It is best to separate mailboxes for different purposes and register forums for unimportant websites. you can apply for a "Miscellaneous box" to avoid exposing your email addresses everywhere, the chance of finding you through spam is not big.

4. Test who is "throwing garbage" to you.

If you suspect that some sites are sending spam to you, you can use different email addresses to register and try to find the source and then block it.

5. What should I do after receiving the spam?

Do not open it first, because it is likely to contain viruses and then bounce messages, which may make some junk mail servers think that your mailbox is no longer available.

6. Unsubscribe (Opt-out) Letters

A bill in the United States is: users can exit any commercial mail in the opt-out mode, and the company that sends commercial mail must explicitly prompt according to regulations that the mail belongs to the commercial or advertising nature, it also provides a method for the recipient to choose to exit, including the address that can be replied or the website that can be accessed. Once the sender receives the opt-out request from the user, the sender must respond within 10 days and stop sending emails to the user. It may not work in China ......

7. Pay attention to the Registration Name of the email.

One way to stay away from spam is to select the appropriate user name. Many people like to use their own names or aaa123 and other addresses, which can be easily cracked by dictionaries.

8. Stay away from dangerous areas

According to statistics, the three most popular websites with email viruses are gambling, games, and adult websites. Pay special attention to these websites.

The above eight methods teach you how to use spam easily. I hope you can learn from them.

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