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The following is a question about the quality of consulting discussed in the performance appraisal section. This involves the content of the kid's own performance management model. The link is as follows: mongotimshaw (go to sofeeng (Software Engineering) Xiao Kan), email: softeng
Question: Re: Old pitfalls: how to evaluate the workload?
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Q: Is there any final indicator for the consulting service to be evaluated?
Our company's consulting business seems to be frequently asked this question-___-B

[Mentioned in the masterpiece of qingrun :]
:~~~~~~~~~~ If I don't think it's useful, do I think it's useless?

:~~~~~~~~ I have never used it, and I have not studied it in depth. It is too early! It's like the content of the-Year-Old High exhibition of UML, and more than N people have told me that the same feeling of UML is too much.

: The key question is, how many companies have their own true and reasonable performance evaluation models?


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Question: Re: Old pitfalls: how to evaluate the workload?
Mailing site: shuimu community (Fri May 28 22:55:32 2010), within the site

[Mentioned in timshaw's masterpiece :]
: Do you have any final indicators to evaluate the consulting service?

: Our company's consulting business seems to be frequently asked this question-___-B

Yes, many companies cannot make consultation comments, and many Consulting do not.
For my consulting, I provide training-based consulting. On the one hand, I train development methods and processes, and on the other hand, I set up data. After my performance model is created, I provide data for it, the data at the beginning of the performance model establishment and the data after the establishment can form a comparison of work efficiency and results. This comparison can directly explain the problem.
If the result is worse than the previous one, it is naturally because of my consulting failure and proof of my model failure. Otherwise, you don't have to say more.
During the process, it is advantageous to see the establishment of every operation habit I suggest. For example, the document revision record in my performance model is compared with the record in the configuration library, this does not increase the workload, and
It is a necessary operation process, and this small change will bring about the stability of the version and the difficulty of counterfeiting (the difficult example of counterfeiting does not need to be mentioned, I believe everyone can understand ).
Through this series of gradual changes in operation habits, a series of statistical data and basic data information are accumulated, which provides the foundation for subsequent data analysis and modeling, this is the basis of a quantifiable indicator system.
I'm stupid, but I'm competent.
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