The 20th year of Java: Java and my Story

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?? Java technology was born on May 23 in 1995, a language that has dominated the programming world for a long time and has the best ecosystem at first was the product of a failed set-top box project by Sun Microsystems (Microsystems). The first official version of Java was released on January 23, 1996, in the most primitive version of Java, with a total of only 211 classes and interfaces, when Java was not perfect or powerful, but because it gripped the two most fashionable things-the internet and the browser, and has the perfect platform portability, coupled with the computer field of the Almighty Wizards James Gosling (one of the founders of Java technology, known as the Father of Java) to its hype and promotion, the language for about 5 years in the Tiobe published in the programming language ranking of the first place in the top, Reached the pinnacle of its life. Blooming again gorgeous flowers also inevitably have withered time, Nizhong month full of loss, Java This program language of the wonderful flower also can not get rid of the law of Nature, from the following diagram you may find that the Java language has gone through the peak of its life after a long period of descent, Especially after Oracle acquired the Solar micro-systems company, the Java ecosystem is still good, but the language itself is declining. This year is the 20th year of the birth of Java, write such an article to commemorate the once let me persistent and crazy Java, also commemorate that from simple to complex and return to the simple me.

The Chronicle of Java 1995
    • Java birth
    • Java Version: JDK 1.0
    • Release date: January 23, 1996
    • Development code: Oak
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 211
    • New feature or feature: initial version
    • My story: In 1996, I took the second grade of the whole school into our local provincial key high schools, small places of key secondary school its hardware conditions are not comparable with the big city, but it is fortunate that our school or for high students to open a computer class. At that time the calculation is purely curious and fun (can play a copy in the DOS system in the 3.5-inch floppy disk game), said that even typing is not how to practice, but that year I first came into contact with the concept of programming, I know I can use the command or code to control the computer to do what I want it to do. Remember one time in class, the teacher out of a basic programming problem to let everyone write code, to use the poor lifting method to find a solution to the problem, then the whole class on me and my Deskmate (this June university selected professional and now engaged in the work and computer-related, is currently Shenzhen TV to do post-production of the head, This is also the three-year-old look at the old) wrote the correct code. At the end of the computer exam, I and my deskmate have got a level (as if there is ABCD four, a of course the best), this a became I later completed the college entrance examination voluntarily chose the computer major reasons.
    • Java version: JDK 1.1
    • Release date: February 19, 1997
    • Development code: None
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 477
    • New features or features:
      • Improved AWT event model
      • JavaBean
      • JDBC (Java database connection)
      • Inner class
      • RMI (remote method call)
      • Reflection (Introspection only)
    • Java 2 Enterprise Platform release
    • Java version: JDK 1.2 (Java 2)
    • Release Date: December 8, 1998
    • Development code: Playground
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 1524
    • New features or features:
      • Collection Frame
      • JIT compiler
      • JFC (Java base Class library)
      • JDBC scrollable result set, BLOB, CLOB, batch
    • Sun releases three versions of Java: Standard Edition (J2SE), Enterprise Edition (Java EE), mini-version (J2ME)
    • My story: This year, I attended the college entrance examination which is almost a watershed of life in China. That year to the individual teacher's antipathy, to spoon-feeding the rebellion and to a girl's secret love let My heart very impetuous, in this state missed the first volunteer, was admitted to Sichuan University, professional computer science and technology. After the entrance examination, in order to spend this long no homework vacation, my friend introduced me to a computer training school, tuition fee of 100 yuan. Say is the school, actually is a teacher two room environment. At that time, the computer to me and many people around me is still mysterious, do not often touch the things, where learning is basically wubi typing. But it was a pleasant experience, because I quickly became friends with the only teacher in the training school, "Wang Go", because I was able to solve all of the other students ' problems in two days, becoming his best assistant and often helping him to see the shop. "Wang Go" is a very intelligent person, logical thinking ability is very strong, this point from his chess level can be seen. He taught himself seven computer lessons in a year, and then he became a teacher in this school. One months later, when I left my hometown to go to university in Chengdu, I learned from him how to use the computer program to make sounds.
    • Java version: JDK 1.3
    • Release Date: May 8, 2000
    • Product Code: Kestrel
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 1840
    • New features or features:
      • Built-in hotspot JVM
      • Improving the compatibility of RMI with CORBA
      • Dynamic Agent-related classes
      • Sound API
      • Jndi
      • JPDA (Java Platform Debugger architecture)
    • My story: In 2000, I learned the first productive programming language--c language in college. C language learning process is not easy happy, reason one: previously learned a little basic to learn C language basically did not help, reason two: Teach C language Teacher's level is not flattering, many times we have problems are more willing to consult our class master (he is now working in the National Security Agency, In my eyes he is a real hacker, his wife is our classmate, now in Baidu Office). I now remember the last time C language class, the teacher directly from the textbook 85 pages on 216 pages, the 100 more pages include two-dimensional arrays, functions, pointers, structures and other important content, yes, he took a class to put these things to us, then our textbook is rectification Teacher's "C program design (Of course, I personally have a low opinion of this book, because this book does not teach me anything useful). In the second half of the year, I fell in love with a girl in my class, it was my first love, she hoped I learn programming and taught her what I learned, so there was a time when I went to the bookstore, I found a book called "Java 2 fool book," Is this book with me into the Hall of Java. During that time, the students focused more on a Thing called MFC (Microsoft Base Class Library), think that it is in our graduation can give us a high-paying technology, but I only watched for a long time by those ugly API and disgusting macro to dizzy, so I decided not to take the usual road (until now, I think the decision was very correct at the time). I had very little knowledge of Java at the time, but the Java code listed in the Idiot book attracted me deeply.
    • Nokia announces the sale of 100 million Java-enabled handsets by 2003
    • September 24, Java EE 1.3 released
    • Java version: JDK 1.4
    • Release date: February 26, 2002
    • Product Code: Merlin
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 2723
    • New features or features:

      • Increased computing power
      • XML processing
      • Logging API
      • JDBC 3.0 API
      • Assertion
      • Support for regular expressions
      • Nio
      • Support IPV6
      • Graphics I/O API
      • Java Web Start
      • Preference API
    • My story: This year I broke up with my first love, I told myself that I should not waste time to do those things that did not result, so I got acquainted with our grade programming first person "AMU", then he has a deep understanding of Java and Research, He took me to my previous understanding of the Java knowledge in a project practice, and then I finally feel the charm of the program, finally learned to use the program to express their own spirit and emotion, this is my university career the most important thing. In October of this year, "AMU" invited me together as the founder in Sichuan University to set up the Java Technology Club, the beginning of the establishment we have accepted more than 400 members, we have a few leaders in turn to explain how to use Java Technology for software development, It also provides members with some SCJP (Sun-certified Java Programmers) and Scjd (Sun-certified Java Developers) exams for training, which not only improves themselves but also helps others.

    • My story: This year I was taken to Southwest Jiaotong University to read postgraduate students, it was a very happy thing, but because of the family's economic situation has a serious problem, let me how happy not to rise. So I started thinking about going out and doing something to earn some extra money. This summer vacation, I took the first private single, for a company called "Litong Communication" to write a process to do data processing, with the J2ME in the Kxml API on the phone processing voice data encoding and decoding. From the beginning to the end I have not met anyone in this company, so that I actually can not spell out the exact name, all the requirements and code are sent through the mailbox, unfortunately, the mailbox and then write the code has not been found back, or can leave some good memories. That year, I made my second girlfriend, and she gave me both her computer and her PDA, giving me the tools to make a living and helping me through the most economically difficult times.
    • Java Version: Java 5
    • Release date: September 30, 2004
    • Development code: Tiger
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 3279
    • New features or features:

      • Generic type
      • For-each Cycle
      • Automatic packing and unpacking
      • Enumeration
      • Variable parameters
      • Static Import
      • Annotations
      • Java.util.concurrent
    • My story: In order to study and research not to waste Java, I made a database GUI (graphical user interface) tool, the ability to visually manipulate the tables in the database, the ability to execute SQL (Structured Query Language) statements and display the results of execution. Although not a high-tech code, but it contains my love of java. Later, the code was submitted as a midterm selection of graduate students, but it did not receive much praise, although it was the best work of my time. This year I found two software companies to do part-time programmer work, a training company to do part-time lecturer's work, living conditions have been improved. This year, I met my present wife, the first impression is beautiful, diligent, kindness.

    • Sun announces that three versions of Java are renamed Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME
    • My story: This year I was asked to continue to study doctoral students, I always hope to find my Java program and my scientific work of the intersection, I tried to use Java for the router test system we were going to write a test configuration and management platform, but the boss rejected my plan, Because he trusts the efficient C language and platform-independent test language TTCN-3. Now I think about it, I should not give up my idea at that time, I should make a quick prototype and show it to the boss and persuade him to accept my plan. Most of the time, what we lack is not idea, what we lack is executive power. This year I continue to study, research and part-time work, and benefited a lot, of course, I was inspired most of my roommate "small fat", when his major is cryptography, my major is the computer network, we often "candle implausible", Exchange our own field of some research experience, while talking about life, talk about ideals, talk about emotion, Also talk about state affairs, like a lot of intellectuals, who have not dared to forget the country, it is a very good time. "Little fat" is now a graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences teacher, he should not often write code, but he is still I admire the researchers and programmers. His ping-pong technology has never been more than me, just as my programming technology has not surpassed him.
    • Java version: Java 6
    • Release date: December 11, 2006
    • Product Code: Mustang
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 3793
    • New features or features:

      • Scripting language Support
      • Compiler API
      • JDBC 4.0 API
      • Escape analysis
      • WebService enhancement
      • Security-related enhancements
    • My story: This year I went to Guangxi (the hometown of the second girlfriend), the software industry of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, should be not very prosperous at that time, there are not a few professional software companies (I do not know what the situation now). At that time, my idea was to be a professional software company and let the company go into college, or let the university students into the company internship, the company's project experience to teach college students, so that they can become better professionals. The next year my other friend also had this idea, so I asked to go to their company as a project manager and also as a technical consultant. But our idea in operation has a lot of obstacles, when I left Guangxi, the ideals still did not shine into reality, leaving a pile of regret. However, this year I feel that I am qualified to work as a professional trainer, and I feel I have the ability to preach, teach, and dispel doubts. Of course, this may just be an illusion at the time.

    • Sun Company releases Java EE 6
    • Sun Company acquired by Oracle Corporation
    • My story: This year is the worst year I've had from the best.
    • Apache Announces exit JCP (Java Executive Committee)
    • My story: This year's life strikes me as Apache quits JCP to the Java world, but it is the past, the past is also a kind of happiness!
    • Java version: Java 7
    • Release date: July 28, 2011
    • Product Code: Dolphin
    • Number of classes and interfaces: 4042
    • New features or features:

      • Switch enhancements
      • Diamond syntax (generic inference)
      • Improvements to exceptions
      • JVM Multi-language support
      • TWR (try-with-resources)
      • Nio.2
    • My story:

    • Release date: March 18, 2014
    • Product Code: None
    • Number of classes and interfaces: not yet known
    • New features or features:
      • Lambda expression
      • Streaming operations for collections
      • Function-Type programming
Some thoughts on Java technology Thank you for some thoughts

The 20th year of Java: Java and my Story

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