The advantages of PHP in the field of web development

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The web in the eyes of most web developers, ASP and JSP are considered to be the leader, and PHP is considered a weak "struggling", or it is a demeaning to the amateur to use the language, it is not worth participating in the enterprise Web Development competition. In my opinion, the reason that PHP is not considered a competitor is that commentators lack knowledge of it and other operating systems for Web development. Contrary to some ideas, windows no longer occupies the largest share of the Web virtual host services market, and I suspect it is also being destroyed in the area of web development.

Why is there no PHP in enterprise development?

Obviously, PHP is considered to be behind the ASP and JSP too much, so that it is useless, but this is not exactly the truth. PHP itself is a powerful language. It's actually available on every Linux distribution, on Mac OS X as well. Get the widget (Building-block) tools and software for developing and using PHP code for free. The Commercial integrated development environment for developing PHP applications (commercial integrated development Environments,ides) can also be found.? Such tools have Komodo (it runs on Linux and Windows) and Zend Studio (this application can run on any operating system with a Java running environment). The fact that you can run a Web site built by PHP on almost every web virtual host without considering what operating system the server is running makes PHP more appealing.

What can PHP offer?

Let's forget about PHP for a while and consider what PHP can offer itself. It is a robust server-side language that provides a considerable amount of functionality and is able to quickly serve pages.

Easy to use

Any user who uses C or Perl or another language with a similar style and syntax can quickly start PHP. Although it is designed for use on the web, it can also be used as a command-line language. Does the Web application you are writing need to execute some code every hour or every day? Using cron or a similar scheduling manager, you can plan to schedule PHP code to execute when you want, using a normal command interpretation script or a batch file to execute the code. You do not need to automatically call the browser to view a dedicated Web page to perform your event, nor do you need to rely on a visitor's click to tell your system that specific code needs to be executed at a specific time. The fact that PHP is extensible in this area is absolutely appealing.

The benefits of PHP

I am not a JSP or a veteran of ASP, here I do not want to belittle these languages. Instead, I'll focus on the benefits of PHP.

PHP allows you to provide localized services to visitors to your site. When the user clicks into the site, the site will automatically provide the page in their native language according to their browser settings. This does not require the use of tumultuous files for language translation, but rather the same capabilities that are used with localized C programs, implemented through a system called GetText. If the requested language file exists, the text that the user sees is his or her native language, and if the language file does not exist, the text is the default English or any other language you specify. Many localized UNIX applications use GetText as a standard, making it easy for third parties to translate.

Easy to use command line
PHP supports setting up and executing command-line programs where needed. Using the standard UNIX diff tool, it can generate the difference between the last modification of an error and the current annotation to be sent to the owner of the error by using an e-mail message. The PHP code performs a diff on the two files written on the system, outputting its output as input and regenerating it into an e-mail message to be sent. This email is sent through PHP itself.

Other benefits
It's just two of the powerful features I've used in my program, and other features. For example, you can:

Create simple Flash animations on the fly.
Create a PDF document on the fly.
Use advanced math features, as well as object-oriented programming techniques.
Read and write to local and IMAP mailboxes.
You can use any standard Internet protocol in PHP. Want to write a PHP based FTP, Web, or news client? No problem! Using PHP alone, you can create your own protocol by writing a client and server that uses a standard TCP/IP socket.
Implement support for encryption and support for various database servers.
A lack of visionary commentary

I think those who are looking for top-tier Web development languages and get rid of PHP are extremely short-sighted. I've been writing code in PHP for years, whether it's advanced features like bug-tracking systems, or simply reusing common features like headers and footers, I've written in PHP. I used PHP to write more than half static pages, but also wrote a full-featured multimedia demo. I'm not the only one who uses PHP. If PHP is not worth noticing, if it's just a pediatric or hobbyist language, why is it the fastest growing language on Web development? If it's not as powerful as an ASP or JSP, why is it being used on a huge traffic web site? Yahoo, for example, is said to have been built by PHP.

Developers are accustomed to using familiar products

I'm sure that ASP and JSP have their own strengths, but I believe people use them not because they can provide more powerful functionality than PHP, but because people already know them and want to write code in their own way. Excluding PHP can only express ignorance of the language.

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