The advent of mobile internet and the new ideas of traditional media

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The current traditional media mainly refers to the medium, generally divided into government-run, private two major categories. The former tends to be popular, such as daily newspapers, evening papers, and the latter tend to be vertically subdivided, with more magazines.

When it comes to strategic shifts, content, products, decision-making, funding, and teamwork are indispensable to the media.

For the official type of traditional media, large size, although their own a large number of resources, but constrained by the institutional constraints, the road of transition is more cautious, slow progress. For many people, "transformation is to find death, not transformation is to die." In this case, "do not seek reactive power but do not have" is also part of the psychological portrayal of management. In fact, these media do not want to change, but the lack of clear direction and credible executive power. While the traditional media in the private sector, although the mechanism is flexible, but because of the funds, technology and other restrictions, in the new areas of development is also unsatisfactory.

In the past few years, most of the traditional media have made adjustments in the face of pressure, noting that it is merely "tweaking" rather than transforming. There is no improvement in the original content production mode, the way of material transmission and technological innovation, it is doomed that the power shortage has little effect, even into many misunderstandings.

From mobile phones and electronic editions to internet platforms, many traditional media have experienced the process of discovery on the PC side. In the microblog and flourishing period, the traditional media is also put into the media officer Micro-operation; in the era of mobile internet, traditional media have opened public accounts and put into app client building. Together with the mobile version of the website, the portal News app, these companies seem to be a lot of radical.

But on the whole, with the change of the traditional media, the power and advertising value of the media have been devalued sharply with the gradual loss of control over the distribution channel. These traditional media are forced to enter and build a new platform, essentially, the content of two copies, and no differentiation. Although the intention is to capture new users, but the core of content manufacturing is still walking on the old road, which is doomed to do no work. From this point of view, the transformation of these media is only in the concept, and there is no real impetus.

More importantly, at this time, the traditional media has been feeling the decline in advertising revenue, the pressure of cost increase, so in the development of mobile Internet is not only limited resources support, and also bear the "who advocates who input, when the period into effect" principle red line.

Even a lot of management have a superficial view, the traditional media opened the microblogging officer has built the app is on the road of transformation. In fact, these measures are not differentiated, there is no business model, is essentially a path, and no representative products stand out. This is also the traditional media transformation of the collective problem.

On a large scale, the mobile internet has given the traditional media shuffle and the opportunity to start again, the starting line is similar. Of course, this also includes the portal, although the portal of the News app has made a large number of users, but in the product and business model of the homogenization of serious.

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The advent of mobile internet and the new ideas of traditional media

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