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Some special terms for Android audio development (to be translated)

Audio terminologyIn this DOCUMENT Generic Terms Digital Audio Hardware and Accessories Audio Signal Path Android-specific Terms Sample Rate Conversion This document provides a glossary of audio-related

Format of common file systems

The file system is the short name of a file management system, which, according to Wikipedia, is used to organize how data is stored on storage media and how it is retrieved. Without a file system, the information on the storage medium will be a

10 Basic tips for responsive design

English Original: Splio, compilation: W3cplusResponsive design for me is not a stranger, from the time he appeared in the Internet, he has been watching his growth, but also in the W3cplus station to share a lot of this tutorial and resources.

Android MMS topic: MMS support

Composing and editing The specific implementation form or data structure of MMS in the android MMS application is slideshowmodel, which is an arraylist with each node as slidemodel, and slidemodel is a list of models, that is, it can receive

Add attachments setattachment and mmssetattachment to MMS

Add attachments setattachment and mmssetattachment to MMSThe specific implementation form of Composing and editingMMS In the Android Mms application, or the data structure is SlideshowModel. It is an ArrayList with each node as SlideModel, and

Android MMS: Deep MMS Support _android

Composing and editingMMS in the Android MMS application of the specific implementation of the form, or data structure is slideshowmodel, it is a node for each Slidemodel Arraylist,slidemodel is a model list, That is, it can receive any model of the

The application of the Internet

1. World Wide WebThe World Wide Web (also available as "network", "WWW", "W3", "web" or "Wide Web") is a data space. In this space: something as useful as a "resource" and identified by a global "Uniform Resource Identifier" (URL). These resources

RTP protocol knowledge Summary

Streaming media transmission, video monitoring, video conferencing, and VoIP are all inseparable from the application of the RTP protocol, but when everyone chooses the RTP protocol based on experience or other people's applications, you may have

Codec learning notes (13): Containers (Part 1)

Video is an important part of Multimedia Systems in computers. To meet the needs of video storage, people have set different video file formats to put the video and audio in one file for simultaneous playback. Video files are actually a container

Comments: The Power of RSS

Rss There is a joke: a female wolf chasing a white male rabbit, male rabbit from several fork between the escape, the female wolf followed. Unfortunately, the female wolf was stuck, the male rabbit raped the mother Wolf quickly escape, the mother

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