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On the importance of code review

"Editor's note" for Hugo Giraudel, the author discusses the importance of code review and how to implement it from various angles. The article is a domestic ITOM management platform OneAPM compiled rendering. The following is the text.Recently, I

4.8 Day Code Review review

Developer: Sun Yu No. No. 02Auditor: Yang Besen No. No. 06Project, because of the quality of the two different, write the code quality varies, in order to ensure the quality of the project, have to review the line of code. At the same time, in order

Interpreting agility 3-interpreting the pairing Review of agile practices

Programmer A has met programmer B. "Scrum is terrible," said programmer. "Why? I heard that SCRUM is good. Our company is also preparing to implement scrum ." Programmer B answers. "Never, you will regret it ." "Are you implementing real scrum ?"

Code Review Review

Developer: Xuzhou 1 4Audited by: Jin Yongpeng 1 3Project, because of the quality of the two different, write the code quality varies, in order to ensure the quality of the project, have to review the line of code. At the same time, in order to have

There are also 2nd questions in youdao, no code, no truth

Recently, many people have participated in the youdao competition. Among them, many people in the 2nd topic garden have provided procedures. Here I will also talk about my ideas. Subject requirement: the number of double supercubes is a positive

Practical Android technology: an in-depth understanding of Android RPC and AIDL

Understanding Adil Aidl is an interface description file used to implement RPC on the Android platform. during compilation, aapt will automatically generate interfaces and objects for IPC according to the rules. As a user, you only need to: 1.

System knowledge Behind the Goroutine

Go language from the birth to popularization has been three years, the forerunner is mostly the background of web development, there are some popular type of books, system development background of people in learning these books, there is always a

[Original] in-depth understanding of sfinae (matching failure is not an error)

[Author: Dong Bo blog: /]I recently heard of this concept. Its source is extended STL, Volume 1: collections and iterators, in chapter 13th. Sfinae, that is, substitution failure is not an error! It can be understood

There is a certain foundation. How to Learn python?

Hello, I have some python basics. He has been working on rubyonrails. But I don't like ruby because it is too flexible and I like python very much. I just don't think it is more strictly prohibited. Now I use htmlcssjs to write a small blog with

PHP email injection attack technology

I. Introduction Today, the use of the Internet has risen sharply, but the vast majority of Internet users have no security knowledge background. Most people use the Internet to communicate with others by Email. For this reason, most websites allow

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