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Code to validate messages through JS regular expressions

Introduction: In JavaScript to verify the mail code is very common, the Internet can find many, mainly through the regular expression of JS to achieve, this article mainly discusses this very common code, suitable for novice reading learning

JMail Send mail code

jmail| Send Mail On Error Resume Next Dim JMail, ContentID Set JMail = Server.CreateObject ("Jmail.message") Jmail.charset = "gb2312" Jmail.from = "" Jmail.fromname = "Goaler" Jmail.subject = "JMail messages sent automatically"

ASP sends mail with JMail and CDO

Some time ago has sent a simple jmail mail email code, today this code to make a specific annotation, and add two other formats of code, with a few simple examples: The first is Jmail.smtpmail's core code: Set JMail = Server.CreateObject ("JMail.

How to use JSP to develop webmail system

Js|web e-mail (e-mail) is one of the most widely used services on the Internet, and the traditional email application mode is based on the C/s structure, that is, users use the client's mail transceiver tools (such as Outlook, Foxmail, etc.)

Using JSP to develop webmail system

Js|web E-Mail is one of the most widely used services on the Internet, the traditional email application mode is based on C/s structure, that is, the user uses the client's Mail transceiver tool (such as Outlook, Foxmail, etc.) and the server that

How to use AspEmail

Before using AspEmail you must create an object in your ASP script, for example: Set Mail = Server.CreateObject ("Persits.mailsender") %> Before you send a message, you first need to determine the address of an SMTP server and the corresponding port

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