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Agile techniques: When and how to conduct code review

author Shaojian posted on December 8, 2010 4:51 A.M. Eric Landes recently described code reviews as a tool to help teams improve their software maturity, and ultimately to deliver higher value to customers, in an article called Agile skills: when and how to conduct code reviews. He introduces code reviews from the fol

SEO optimization beyond the chain to increase the code of conduct

In the SEO industry has this kind of saying, "The content is king, the outside chain is Emperor", clarified the SEO two main factors, the content high quality, is not the quantity, the outside chain high quality is not the quantity. Small left summary of 12 points of quality outside the chain to publish the code of conduct for everyone's reference. 1, outside the chain of origin of the page itself weight,

Why companies that rely on open source projects must adhere to strong and enforced code of conduct?

Original Jonathan VanianOriginal link: why-companies-that-rely-on-open-source-projects-must-insist-on-a-strong-enforceable-code-of-conduct/Open source software, once plagued by ridicule and legal attacks, has now become a force in the technology industry. Live examples such as docker,hortonworks and Cloudera demonstrate that partnering with the developer community can thrive,

Code cleanliness: Code of Conduct for professional programmers (English version)

difficulties, how to understand the responsibilities associated with professional knowledge.Want to become a real software expert? The neat coding path: the Code of Conduct for professional programmers (English version) may be helpful to you. DirectoryClean coding: code for professional programmers (English version)Foreword XIIIPreface XIXAcknowledgments XXIIIAb

Companies that rely on open source projects cannot do without a strong code of conduct

his contributions to open source projects have been resented by some people. This dilemma exposes a delicate problem, and companies that rely on open source technology for business success need to try to regulate the open source community without real control. When companies start to regulate open-source community behavior, they will be very cautious, because it could stifle innovation or cause community members to question the motives of the company's supervisors. If the situation starts to be

Architect's code of conduct (IV)

problems and draw various boundaries, ensure a stable and complete understanding of the problem. If the problem is stable, it will never bother you again after it is solved. Responsible for decision-making After some architects make decisions, they hand over the tasks to other developers for implementation and think that the subsequent tasks are irrelevant to themselves. In fact, making design decisions is only the initial stage of solving the problem's life cycle, to be truly responsible fo

Code of conduct by jsfoundation

Code of ConductRemember that we ' re different.The strength of the JS Foundation comes from its varied community, and people from a wide range of backgrounds.Different people has Different perspectives on issues.Being Unable to understand what someone holds a viewpoint doesn ' t mean that they ' re wrong.Address:Https:// day I'm going to experience diversity, become

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