The Ajax-based sunflower Gantt Chart component released the 1.1 Beta version, which has a qualitative leap over 1.0. You are welcome to download and try it for free!

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Sunflower Gantt is an advanced Gantt Chart solution developed in the B/S system. It adopts the same Ajax technology as Google Maps and implements the same interface and functions as the Gantt chart of the MS Project, it can be widely used in ERP system, MES system, project management system, or other resource time-related fields.

The sunflower Gantt Chart component is completely implemented using JS and has nothing to do with the server development language. It can be run on any server platform;

    • It can be easily integrated with existing systems;
    • Reduces the burden on servers and bandwidth, and saves space and bandwidth rental costs;
    • The client can run without installing any plug-ins;
    • Supports most mainstream browsers, such as IE, Firefox, and opera;
    • Basic user operations do not require interaction with the server, resulting in a smooth and friendly user experience.

The sunflower Gantt Chart component is highly consistent with the Gantt chart in the MS Project. MS project is currently the most widely used project management tool, it is also the fact standard of Gantt chart.

Operation consistencyThe operations of the sunflower Gantt Chart component are very similar to those of the MS Project. on the web, you can drag a Gantt bar to adjust the task progress, adjust the task schedule, and establish a task link.

Data Consistency:You can directly read XML data from MS Projects (Versions later than 2000), which provides a good interface for seamless integration with MS Projects. The sunflower Gantt component also maintains good data scalability.

Interface consistency:The overall style of the interface is exactly the same as that of the MS Project. You can also customize the display columns in the table area, the shape of the bar chart, and the style of the link line. Moreover, style sheets in Web technology provide unlimited change possibilities for Sunflower Gantt components.

API consistency: The Sunflower Gantt Chart component provides the same applications as the MS Project.ProgramDevelop APIs with powerful functions and ease of use.

Official (I want to schedule the network)Sunflower Gantt component exchange group: 63867839

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