The beginning of the study of black Apple-ios

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Nine months ago, because of learning iOS, and his pocket is shy, so he stepped into the black apple of this pit!!!

Know that installing the Black Apple is not easy, here write about my ThinkPad e430c install the Black Apple Tutorial (Mac version: Yosemite 10.10.4), hoping to help needy friends.

First paste My Computer Configuration report:

---------------------------------------------------------------------[Overview]-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

Computer model Lenovo ThinkPad Edge e430c notebook PC
Operating system Windows 10 Professional Edition 64-bit (DirectX 12)

processor Intel Third Daicouri i3-3110m @ 2.40GHz Dual core
motherboard Lenovo 33651E5 (Intel Ivy bridge-hm77 Express chipset)
graphics, English ER HD Graphics 4000 (1897 MB/Lenovo)
memory 4 GB (Lux DDR3 1600MH z)
main HDD West WDC wd5000lpvt-08g33t1 (gb/5400 ext./min)
display Lenovo Len40a0 (14 inches)
optical drive Hitachi-LG dvdram gt80n DVD burner
sound card Conexant 20671 Smartaudio HD @ intel® Panther Point High Definition Audio Controller
Nic ( Wireless) Broadcom BCM43142 802.11b/g/n/Lenovo   (Wired) Realtek rtl8168/8111/8112 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

At present my computer is win 10 and Yosemite 10.10.4 Lazy version dual system, MBR partition, using the Chameleon boot.

Related installation files (if necessary, you can private me):

1. New Chameleon Boot Startup item

Change the "WOWPC. iso" boot file under the resource bundle to "Wowpc.iso" and copy it to your Window system disk (typically the C-drive) root directory. This boot file is the one I modified the Chameleon theme image resource file, like the original words can use "Chameleon 2.2" folder "Wowpc.iso".

In the "Chameleon 2.2" folder to find "Chameleon Install.exe" and run, will generally succeed, the default is to generate a boot boot entry named "Chameleon", if you want to change the name, you can use the Esay BCD software to modify. (as specific)

After this step, you should be able to see two boot entries after reboot, and select the "Chameleon" boot entry to successfully enter the Chameleon theme interface.

Note: win8, win10 default on the fast boot, boot may not display the selection of boot interface, such as this situation, such as modify the steps, modify the default boot system.

2. Install hfs+ for Windows 10.5 to read and write Mac disks under window. because the window disk format is generally NTFS, and the disk format for Mac system is Mac OS Extended (journaled)

Installation Note: Choose 10-day Trial mode during installation, restart immediately after installation, reboot will appear a window request activation, select "I" ve already got the key and serial number and want to activate the Softwa Re. " and fill in the appropriate information.

Product Key

Serial number

3. Disk Allocation

Disk allocation: Use the System Disk Management tool (right-click "My Computer", "Management", "Disk Management") or other tools (Diskgenius software) to compress the size of the installation space you need (generally divided into "installation section" and "System section", Installation disk only need 10G space is completely enough, the other Yosemite system disk space size by the individual needs, not less than 20G, specific steps can also be online search, attention to compress out of the two disk characters do not format).

Action: In the Disk Management tool, right-click on the computer's last drive letter, select "Compressed Volume", the general compression size of 10G (installation disk) + 50G (System disk) = 60G, then a green color of the disk area, right click on it and select "New Simple Volume", assign a good drive letter (this is called I disk), The size is 10G, do not format, as the installation disk; Repeat the steps to continue creating a simple volume to allocate all the remaining 50G to it (called J-disk), do not format it again, do not format it when you create a simple volume again.

  Make a U disk boot disk: Online to search "PE tool" (I use ton8pe_v5.0), the corresponding tutorials have, here do not repeat. (This USB drive will be used later)

4. Image file loading (note that after downloading, use software Hash.exe to detect whether its MD5 value has changed, if it is different, re-download)

Files: Yosemite Install (14E46). Cdr
Size: 7168032768 bytes
Modification Date: July 2, 2015, 15:58:54

  Load step: Run "Ddmac.exe" in the "Quick Disk Assistant" folder as Administrator, select the path where you mirror the file, select the target partition as your installation partition (I disk), remove the three options, such as uncheck, after about 5-10 minutes will appear all Done,hava fun! The typeface indicates success.


If the af:success does not appear. Download using DiskGenius.exe, right-click on the I drive and select Change partition parameter (F11) in the popup menu. Manually enter the uppercase AF in the system ID.

5, Extra file configuration (here the extra file only pin ThinkPad e430c model of the notebook, the video card and I like, you can also try, in the subsequent steps to enter the system to do the five-country row wrong)

Open the I disk after the completion of the write, rename the "Extra (Install)" folder in the resource bundle to "Extra" and put it in the root directory of the installation disk (I disk).


  Some notes about the extra file: where the "Extensions" folder is not tube, is placed some of the necessary mouse keyboard driver files, etc., there are two files "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" and "smbios.plist", We open it with Notepad, found that there are some key value pairs of parameters, if interested to understand is to search for "chameleon start parameters", I believe there are a lot of information on the Internet.

6. Restart the computer and start the installation

Before choosing to boot to boot, enter the BIOS to check whether to turn on AHCI disk mode, not AHCI, please change your own search method to AHCI ( like My computer is on by pressing FN+F1, changing the second tab under "SATA" mode to "ACHI" mode, Conversely, if you want to enter the window again next time, change it to SATA again.

Start Item Selection Interface Select your Mac system's guidance, like my boot item changed to the name "Yosemite 10.10.4", after entering the Chameleon theme interface Select your I disk, the name "Yosemite Install (14E46)" of the drive letter (with the keyboard operation "- > "), keyboard input"-V ", the computer screen will continue to scroll the output log, no unexpected words here can be installed welcome interface.

In fact, this is also the most prone to problems, I encountered the general error is the scrolling restart, scrolling two or three pages after the card, because I use my profile also to help others install several black apples, usually because the Chameleon boot core (Wowpc.iso file) and the system boot core (i:\ System\library\kernels in the kernel file). (Other questions online search for "five-country Error" check), if the "no-line flag" is because the aforementioned "SATA" is not changed to "AHCI".

  Here is omitted 10,000 grass mud horse (originally did not know in this step Kadogyu)






7. Successfully enter the installation interface

Kujinganlai, finally succeeded!!!

1> Select the primary language in Simplified Chinese and click the button

2> Click the menu "Utilities"-"Disk Utility", select the disk you want to erase ,--> the "Erase" tab (remember the previous step we have a J disk formatted?) )-Click the Erase button

  Note Be sure to select the right disk
Select the disk, point erase,
Format: "Mac OS Extended (journaled)"
Name: Yosemite 10.10.4
And then wipe it off.

  3> when finished, click the Red Close button in the upper left corner.

4> then right back to the big headline "Install OS X" screen, select the empty disk you just erased, click the "Install" button.

5> then silently wait for 15-45 minutes to OK (time depending on the computer configuration, the whole process as much as possible to move the mouse, do not let the computer black screen)

6> also has the last few minutes of installation failure, depending on the computer configuration, may have been installed successfully.

8, the installation is successful (can enter the Startup item selection screen ignore this step)

After the installation is successful, you will be restarted, choose Restart, you will not be able to enter the system at all, you can not select the startup item.

At this time the front of the U-disk startup disk will come in handy, plug the U disk, let the computer choose U disk boot (like my computer is the boot press FN+F12, choose similar named "U Disk" option), enter the PE interface, find Diskgenius_ Pro.exe Software (when making a USB disk boot disk when the PE tool comes in), right-click on its own window system disk (C-drive)-and activate the current partition.

Modify the AHCI to SATA (ignore without modification).

Go to window and find the J disk (yes, the MAC system disk, not the 10G Setup disk), open (because the Extra file inside the installation disk He won't help you copy) find the "Extra (Install success)" folder in the resource bundle and rename it to "Extra ", paste into the J-packing directory.

Reboot , modify SATA to AHCI, choose the boot entry to Mac, go to the Chameleon theme interface, choose "Yosemite 10.10.4" Note this time is not "Yosemite install (14E46)" Installation disk, is that J disk, then , just be happy to use it!

9, about the other documents in the Resource pack description (for Lenovo E430C, other notebooks can try)

  Note: It is best to back up a copy of the Kext file with the same name under the SLE (Mac system disk > System->library->extensions folder), and then delete it and put it in your cracked file. <j

After you put the. kext file into the SLE, repair the MAC disk permissions, open the Disk utility, select your Mac system disk (J-disk), click the "Repair Disk Permissions" button, such as the interface

  1>10.9.3 Cracked Power Management driver: This is a laptop power management driver that puts the. kext file inside the SLE.

2>genericusbxhci.kext:usb3.0 interface Driver, if you find that your USB3.0 interface fails under Mac, you can try this and put it under SLE

3>REALTEKRTL81XX-0_0_90.PKG: Wired LAN Driver, double-click Install can, if your Mac prompts to prohibit the installation of third-party software, set your Mac security items with privacy as "allow any source" (Detailed steps online search, which is under window, Switch to Mac and restart ... )

4>VOODOOHDA_V2.8.5.PKG: Universal sound card driver, installation is possible. (This also seems to require a reboot, if you still find no sound after the restart, please set the sound output option as a foreign tone, if it is useless, please find another way)


At this point your black apples should be almost normal to use.

Recommended if you do not want to toss black apples or buy white apples, once and for all, the Black Apple upgrade system is also a big trouble, I this is to learn iOS forced to contact the black Apple, in short, play black apples must have patience.

I do not know if this can upload resources package, the need for friends to private messages me.

From today on, I am in this blog park to record their own iOS learning journey, I hope I can be more than a pole head further!

Finally, a picture of my desktop chart:

The beginning of the study of black Apple-ios

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