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My PHP Blog Open Bo also nearly two years, with the support of the vast number of PHP enthusiasts, I have written nearly 100 of the original practice of the PHP tutorial, each PHP tutorial is permeated with my painstaking efforts, as the next 100 PHP technology article starting point, I've summarized the 100 introductory PHP tutorials, first of all from a PHP site Builder to recommend the essence of these PHP tutorials, there will be a php example tutorial recommended, and strive for beginners to learn PHP to create the best of the PHP tutorial, I would like to recommend these PHP tutorials for you useful, Also welcome and I exchange PHP technology.

  Understand the website construction process

Talking about the process and steps of website construction of building station experience

  recommended reason : For a PHP developer, the focus is certainly PHP development, but if you are a grassroots webmaster, first of all you need to know as much as possible to the site construction process and attention, need to learn from the overall site construction process involved in what aspects, should pay attention to which aspects, The combination of their own situation to have a good idea, which allows you to take a lot less detours, to fill their weak place.

  PHP Installation Tutorial Recommended

Mainly in the Windows platform PHP environment to build and configure the main tutorial, covering the manual PHP environment configuration and the use of Third-party PHP collection installation package, such as Appserv and XAMPP installation configuration, for beginners to learn PHP friends, Individual or suggest that you manually follow the tutorial to build PHP operating environment, although may start more trouble, but the benefits are more, in addition to the future I will launch the Linux environment in the construction and configuration of PHP environment.

PHP Environment Build: Windows 7 Installation configuration Php+apache+mysql Environment Tutorial

Windows7 IIS7 the FastCGI and ISAPI methods to install the configuration PHP5 tutorial

WIN7 iis7.5+php Manager Installation Configuration Php5+mysql Tutorial

Windows NGINX+PHP5 (FASTCGI) installation configuration detailed

Nginx command: Start, stop, and command parameter detailed

  recommended reasons : PHP installation of a variety of ways, you can use Apache, Nginx, IIS and other ways to install the configuration of PHP, you can choose according to their own needs of the appropriate PHP installation configuration tutorial, while in Windows PHP Environment Building and configuration considerations in the article I listed the most PHP enthusiasts so far on the installation of PHP in the process of the solution encountered problems, perhaps not all, but I believe that there is a certain role, encountered problems also want you to leave more messages, I try to answer.

PHP Environment configuration: Windows Appserv configuration and installation tutorial

PHP Environment configuration: Installation instructions and usage of XAMPP under Windows

  PHP Grammar Tutorial Recommended

PHP Basic Grammar Learning for introductory tutorials

PHP Starter Tutorials for PHP variables and constant learning

  recommended reason : PHP syntax for beginners in PHP must understand and grasp, this is the beginning of PHP development, and understand the PHP development norms for future growth is also necessary. Of course in the basic PHP tutorial I write is not much, in the future I will gradually increase to facilitate the further learning of PHP beginners master.

  Introduction to PHP Development tools tutorial Recommended

PHP website Development, you must choose a suitable PHP development tool, the development can play a multiplier effect. and PHP Development tools There are many, not the best only suitable, more commonly used to have Zend Studio, EditPlus, PHPEclipse, Phpedit, and so on, I mainly use Zend studio,php beginners first recommended the use of EditPlus debugging PHP.

  PHP Development Tools Tutorial Recommended : I mainly wrote the Zend Studio tutorial, involving Zend Studio8, Zend Studio debugging, Zend Debugger installation configuration, xdebug installation configuration and other tutorials.

  MySQL Database management tutorial recommended

In the use of PHP for Web development, MySQL database is most commonly used, for MySQL database management mainly through the MySQL command or phpMyAdmin management. Master MySQL commonly used commands are necessary, such as database import and export backup operation is necessary for site maintenance, there are two ways, one is to use the mysqldump and the source command to import the database to export operations, or use phpMyAdmin to import Export database backup operations. More phpMyAdmin usage Please refer to my phpMyAdmin tutorial and phpMyAdmin configuration Introduction, covering phpMyAdmin installation configuration, phpMyAdmin profile description, phpMyAdmin upload file size limit solution, phpMyAdmin Null password Landing configuration methods and many other tutorials, very suitable for phpmyadmin users to read the reference.

  Website Security Tutorial Recommended

Discussion on the establishment of website maintenance content and maintenance plan

Introduction to Apache Forbidden Directory access method

Use Apache and htaccess to set password-protected configuration tutorials for Directory Access

  recommend reason : in the PHP website construction, the website development is only a small part of the website construction cycle, but the website maintains the content and the security policy formulation and the execution throughout the website construction entire process, in addition to the hardware aspect security maintenance, the procedure aspect safety maintenance also must consider the question.

Summary: Above these PHP introductory tutorials I am more from the perspective of a website builder to understand a PHP developer must know and master the basic knowledge, there are certainly missing places, in the future I will continue to add. There are some biased places to welcome criticism. Next time I'm going to recommend some PHP tutorials that I have to learn from a PHP developer's point of view.

  Special Note: I have for the PHP website development Tutorial Network added Sina Weibo function, in each article's head has to share to Sina Weibo icon, if you think this article is useful to you, welcome to share, thank support!

  Note : PHP Web Development Copyright, reproduced in the form of links to indicate the original source and this statement, thank you.

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