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As the saying goes: suitable is the best. Depending on the features of various anti-virus software, you may wish to select and integrate a set of anti-virus systems that best suit you.
Internet access is most afraid of various viruses that cannot be prevented. Anti-virus software is widely used at home and abroad, with different rankings. Everyone has the most suitable anti-virus software in mind. There are different opinions that make more people worry: Which software is the most suitable for you?

As the saying goes: suitable is the best. Depending on the features of various anti-virus software, you may wish to select and integrate a set of anti-virus systems that best suit you.

1. Anti-Virus

Kaspersky, a antivirus software from Russia, has powerful central management and anti-virus capabilities. The anti-virus capability of Kaspersky is far higher than that of similar products. It provides almost all types of anti-virus protection: anti-virus scanners, monitors, behavior blocks, full checks, E-mail channels and firewalls, and can adapt to a wide range of operating systems. However, Kaspersky also has many disadvantages, such as resource occupation, easy to kill by mistake, and can only delete Trojans. If you Run Kaspersky on a low-configuration computer, it becomes a "crash ".

2. Monitoring

NOD32 and McAfee both performed well in monitoring. The former has "real-time security defense monitoring" and "professional master-controlled individual firewall ". The latter's VShield automatic monitoring System will be resident in System Tray. When you enable files from the disk, network, and E-mail folders, the monitoring System will automatically monitor file security, appropriate processing of files containing viruses.

3. Speed

According to the global authoritative Virus report Virus Bulletin Test Report on the 20 most popular anti-Virus software in the market, NOD32 detects viruses more than 20 to 30 times faster than other competitors, the entire detection process takes only 52 seconds, and the speed is amazing.

The scanning speed of another Chinese antivirus software "Panda guard" is also outstanding. The high-speed scanning engine used by this software is a product with perfect anti-virus kernel code, the running speed of the entire program has increased by 30%. However, the disadvantages of "Panda guard" are also obvious: After using monitoring, the computer system speed is significantly reduced.

4. Virus Database

BitDefender anti-virus software is a legacy anti-virus software from Romania, with a 0.24 million super large virus database, and Kaspersky are two of the most popular anti-virus experts in today's anti-virus industry. BitDefender has better anti-virus and monitoring capabilities than Kabbah, and consumes less memory, but it is slightly inferior to detoxification. BitDefender ranks first in anti-virus testing outside China with a large virus database and excellent anti-virus capabilities. However, Chinese integration of BitDefender needs to be improved for Chinese users in China.

5. most distinctive features

The emergence of "Oriental micro-point active defense Software" in Fujian fills in the defects of domestic anti-virus software active defense in this field. The most distinctive feature of Oriental micropoints is the "IP traffic diagram", "port traffic diagram", and "Process Traffic diagram ", the traffic status of processes accessing the network in the system is displayed in color. By analyzing the traffic status of these traffic graphs, you can determine whether any suspicious processes are running, combined with other analysis tools of the system (process analysis) to determine whether the system is infected with harmful programs.

However, as a relatively new anti-virus software, weidian is inevitably insufficient. For example, it is slow to scan and kill a USB flash drive. An alert is issued only when a USB flash drive with a virus is opened.

6. comprehensive capabilities

F-Secure is an anti-virus software from Finland, the hometown of Linux. It integrates four anti-virus engines, AVP, LIBRA, ORION, and DRACO. One of them is the anti-virus kernel of Kaspersky, which is better than blue. The software adopts the distributed firewall technology, which is particularly effective for popular network viruses. The comprehensive capability is a top product. In addition, the overall capabilities of McAfee and NOD32 are also good.

The above describes several anti-virus software with unique features. Users can select versions and features based on their preferences, and then use the firewall. The computer looks like wearing a thick "security clothing ", keep your computer away from viruses.

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