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The current market on the more popular PHP encryption authorization of the above software has two main types:

(1) Zend Company's Zendguard.

(2) Ioncube Company's Ioncube PHP Encode.

Zendguard can only encrypt files with PHP tags or source code (such as:. Php,inc, etc.), for other text without PHP tags to save the file can not be encrypted operation, support time, registration code.

Ioncube PHP Encode, developed by Ioncube, is used to encrypt PHP or non-PHP files. Ioncube in the functional aspects of the test can be superior to the Zend Company's Zendguard, not only support the deadline, registration code, and other encryption methods, but also support the IP,MAC address and other complex encryption methods. In addition, for Ioncube not only can be encrypted with PHP tags or source of php files can also be non-PHP files in text-saved files to encrypt operations, such as XML,JS,CSS. (but reading and writing must use the read-in API provided by Ioncube for read-write operations.) )

(a). Use when encrypting: PHP encoder (paid)

(b). To decrypt and run: Loader (free)

Highly recommended use of Iconcube

How do I install ioncube extensions?

First, download loader-wizard.php (Support php5.3, php5.4 version, temporarily do not support php5.5 version)

Ioncube provides an installed wizard that can be very handy to help detect the running environment of PHP and automatically give hints.

1.1 Download Loader-wizard: via the address below

1.2 After downloading, unzip it to Apache's www or htdoc directory.

Second, the operation of loader-wizard.php procedures

2.1 Use a browser to access loader-wizard.php such as http://localhost/loader-wizard.php the actual access path is modified as appropriate.

2.2 This loader program is calculated, will automatically give a hint:

According to the prompts of this wizard, download the corresponding decryption software. Place the downloaded decryption software in the directory it specifies. The Download Wizard calculates the new php.ini file and replaces the original php.ini file of the system. Restart Apache.

2.3 Verify that the installation is successful

After restarting, access loader.php again, and if the installation succeeds, the system prompts you.

See this interface, it means that the decryption software has been installed successfully.

PS: About encryption technology, the site also provides the following encryption tools for your reference to use:

MD5 Online encryption tool: Http://

Escape Encryption/decryption tool:

Online SHA1 encryption tool: Http://

short link (short URL) online generation tool:

short link (short URL) online Restore tool: Http://

High Strength password generator: Http://

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