The exciting four years at Wikipedia

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The exciting four years at Wikipedia
GuideI think I am a Wikipedia member of Odia. I have contributed Odia knowledge to many Wikipedia projects by writing articles and correcting document errors (this is the main language in Orissa, India), such as Wikipedia and Wikipedia, I also contributed to Wikipedia written in Hindi and English.

My love for Wikipedia started with the English Wikipedia post I saw after my 10th exam (like the first grade student in the United States. Accidentally, I opened the link to the Indian Wikipedia and started to read it. On the left side of the article, I used Odia to write something. So I clicked on it and opened an article titled zookeeper/Bh rat on the Odia wiki. I was excited when I found a wiki written in my mother tongue!

I was curious about the advertisement of a flag that invited readers to attend the second bubaneswar seminar held in October April 1, 2014. I have never contributed to Wikipedia in the past, but I have only studied it. I am not familiar with the open source and Community contribution processes. In addition, I was only 15 years old. I registered and have many language lovers at the seminar. They are all bigger than me. Despite my fear, my father encouraged me to participate. He played a very important role-he is not a wiki media man, but his encouragement gave me the motivation to change the Wikipedia and the courage to participate in community activities.

I think a lot of knowledge about ordia Language and Literature needs to be improved, and there are many bad ideas and knowledge gaps. So, I helped organize activities and seminars on ordia Wikipedia, I have completed the following list:

  • Three major edit-a-thons events were launched on the Odia wiki: Women's Day on April 9, 2015, Women's Day on April 9, and abd nabakalemo-edit-a-thon.
  • Launched a collection of tanche Festival Pictures in India
  • Represent the ordia Wiki in Google's two major events (Google I/O conference expansion and Google development festival)
  • In 2015 Perception and the first Open Access India Conference

I was edited at the Wikipedia project until last year (January 2015). When I attended the Tenth Anniversary of the Bengali Wikipedia conference and the vise community event, head of the Internet and social center, invite me to the trainer training program. I started to go beyond the ordia wiki to hold a party and train new Wikipedia for GLAM events. These experiences tell me How to work for the community as a contributor.

Ravi, the former Director of the Indian wiki, also played an important role in my journey. He believes me very much. He invited me to participate in the Wiki Loves Food, the public photography competition in Wikipedia, organized by the 2016 India Wiki conference. During the 2015 Loves Food activity, my team added 10000 + images using the CC BY-SA protocol to Wikipedia. Ravi further strengthened my confidence and shared a lot of information about the Wikipedia media movement and his own experience on Wikipedia's 13th anniversary.

Less than a year later, in December 2015, I became a Project Assistant (CIS-A2K movement) for the knowledge acquisition program at the network and Social Center ). One of my proud moments was the seminar in Puri, India, where we brought 20 new wikis to the ordia Wikipedia media community. Now I am guiding Wikipedia at an informal gathering named WikiTungi Puri. I work with this group to turn Odia Wikiquotes into a real project. On the ordia wiki, I am also committed to narrowing the gender gap. The eight female editors are also helping organize parties and seminars to attend Women's History month edit-a-thon.

During my four-year short and exciting trip, I also participated in Wikipedia's educational program, communication team, two global edit-a-thons: Art and Feminsim and Menu Challenge. I am looking forward to more!



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