The image permission after downloading the centos 600 editor is unreadable.

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The image uploaded by the Baidu editor under centos has the permission of 600. my system is shopex + centos, so there is no problem in uploading product images in the background. In the browser, a 600-degree editor www.tanliwa.cn2.html is embedded. in this editor, click upload File. the file is uploaded successfully, and FTP is displayed. click the source code of the editor to view the image address. However, the image upload permission is, therefore, the image uploaded by Baidu editor under centos is 600 unreadable.
My system is shopex + centos, and uploading product images in the background is fine. The front-end custom is embedded with a Baidu editor ghost.

How can I display it normally? all folders and files use chmod-R 777/var/home/html to set 777 permissions, which is not familiar with liunx permissions, hope you can give me some advice.

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Your command is correct,

If not, check whether your Directory is/var/home/html;

Otherwise, try chown and chown to use baidu.
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I also want to solve this problem!
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Modify the back-end code of the editor. No environment at home. Where can I go back to the company tomorrow (if I still remember )?
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Chown is the permission to modify the image when the image is displayed. of course, check whether the image has the permission before the modification.

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