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In literal terms, ASP contains three meanings:

1. active:asp uses Microsoft's ActiveX technology. ActiveX (COM) technology is an important foundation for today's Microsoft software. It uses the encapsulation object, the program calls the object the technology, simplifies the programming, strengthens the program cooperation. The ASP itself encapsulates some basic components and common components, and many companies have developed a number of utility components. As long as you can install these components on the server, by accessing the components, you can quickly and easily build your own Web applications.

2, server:asp running on the server side. This eliminates the need to worry about whether the browser supports the programming language used by ASP. The ASP's programming language can be VBScript and JScript. VBScript is a simple set of VB, VB can be very convenient for people to get started quickly. However, Netscape browsers do not support the client's VBScript, so it is best not to use VBScript on the client. On the server side, there is no need to consider browser support issues. Netscape browsers can also display ASP pages normally.

3, PAGES:ASP returns the standard HTML page, can normally display in the commonly used browser. When viewers view the page source file, they see an ASP-generated HTML code, not an ASP program code. This will prevent others from copying programs. Thus, we can see that ASP is a simple and convenient programming tool for developing Web applications under IIS. Once you understand the basic syntax of VBScript, you can easily write your own ASP system simply by knowing the purpose, attributes, and methods of each component.

   second, what can ASP

ASP is a web-based programming technology, which can be said to be a kind of CGI. It can complete all the functions of previous CGI programs, such as counters, guest books, bulletin boards, chat rooms and so on. ASP can easily realize the dynamic control of the content of the page, according to different browsers, display different page content. The viewer is not aware of it, just like the page he created for him.

With a wide variety of components, ASPs can accomplish incredibly powerful functions.

With FileSystemObject, you can manipulate files on the server, browse, copy, move, delete, and so on.

With the support of ADO (Active database object, dynamic databases objects), ASP is very handy in the operation of the database. You can even manage a database on a remote host, and perform various operations on tables and records, as you would with a local database. Using the CDONTS (Collaboration Data Objects for nts,nts collaboration object), you can send, view, and implement webmail functions. Combined with WSH (Windows scripting Host), you can manage NT hosts, such as NT user management, IIS virtual host settings, Exchange mailbox settings, and so on, just as easily as administering a local machine.

   III. When to use ASP

ASP is a technology developed by Microsoft on NT. Although it is also available on UNIX hosts, it lags behind in functionality and performance. Therefore, it is best to consider using ASP on NT hosts.

ASPs can implement all of the previous CGI functions. If you are unfamiliar with Perl, C, and other CGI languages, consider using ASP. Because the ASP uses VBScript is easier to use. However, if your CGI program needs to run on a UNIX host, it's best to use Perl. Perl is supported at the same time on Unix and NT. You just need to make a simple change and you can transplant it.

ASP operates a database with a very strong function. If you use an NT based intranet to build your MIS application, it is highly recommended that you use ASP technology. The system written by ASP can reach the level of the original network database system using Client/server. The biggest advantage of using ASP is that when you upgrade the program, you only need to modify the ASP file on the server, and do not need to modify the client program.

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