The path to advanced DBA-SQL Server Monitoring and diagnostics

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Programmers who write large terminals often have the illusion that the SQL language is simple and the DBA works easily, especially for Android programmers who are accustomed to SQLite and its extended framework Ormlite and Greendao. Especially when an Android programmer sees himself in college and hangs up and repeats his lost friend after working as a DBA: "If you don't study hard, you can only use SQL additions and deletions."

However, writing SQL code to the main terminal is only different from the interface cache, in the server-side of the daily management of SQL Server, the DBA needs to consider how to make SQL Server efficient operation, and good performance; DBAs need to understand not only the daily operation of the database, but also the performance analysis and tuning , you also need to monitor the deployment of your online environment. As the number of managed SQL Server servers grows, how to implement monitoring automation becomes the most pressing issue for DBAs to face.

SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics is written by DBAs who want to learn more about how to automate monitoring and diagnostics for SQL Server, so that the technical level of a DBA is springing up, and the first chapter, "SQL Server monitoring Introduction," begins with humorous, introducing SQL The concept of server monitoring also highlights the importance of SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics.

The second chapter of this book, "SQL Server monitoring event series" first introduced the concept of SQL tracing, and then introduced and detailed analysis of the default tracking and black-box tracking two ways, and illustrate the two ways in practice; chapter III, SQL Server advanced Diagnostic series first introduces SQL Server extended events and how to use extended events to prevent deadlocks, followed by an array and list of SQL Server ring buffers, followed by examples of several common uses of ring buffer: Diagnosing SQL Server memory pressure, Gets the CPU utilization and tracking exceptions for the SQL process.

"SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics" not only taught me how to automate the growing number of SQL Server servers, but also changed my view that SQL Server was just a slightly more complex sqlite concept, and more thoroughly cured my bias against DBA work, Made me understand that the ability of a DBA is not limited to using SQL additions and deletions, but also how to make SQL Server run better.

The path to advanced DBA-SQL Server Monitoring and diagnostics

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