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Definitions and usage

The Array_map () function returns an array of the actions of the user's custom function. The number of arguments accepted by the callback function should be the same as the number of arrays passed to the Array_map () function.


Array_map (Function,array1,array2,array3 ...)

Parameters Description
function Necessary. The name of the user's custom function, or null.
Array1 Necessary. The specified array.
Array2 Optional. The specified array.
Array3 Optional. The specified array.

Example 1

function MyFunction ($v) {
	if ($v = = "Dog") {return
	return $v;

$a = Array ("Horse", "Dog", "Cat");
Print_r (Array_map ("MyFunction", $a));
? >


Array ([0] => horse [1] => Fido [2] => Cat)

Example 2

Use multiple parameters:

function MyFunction ($v 1, $v 2) {
	if ($v 1 = = $v 2) {return
	return "different";

$a 1 = array ("Horse", "Dog", "Cat");
$a 2 = Array ("Cow", "Dog", "Rat");
Print_r (Array_map ("MyFunction", $a 1, $a 2));


Array ([0] => different [1] => same [2] => different)

Example 3

See what happens when a custom function name is set to null:

$a 1 = array ("Dog", "Cat");
$a 2 = Array ("Puppy", "Kitten");
Print_r (Array_map (null, $a 1, $a 2));
? >


Array (
[0] => Array ([0] => Dog [1] => Puppy)
[1] => Array ([0] => Cat [1] => kitten)

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