The problem of external DTD definition when MSXML is used to process xml documents -- attribute setting (ASP)

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Xmlfile = "http: // myserver/catalog. xml"
Export file = "catalog. xsl"
'Create related objects
Set destination doc = server. CreateObject ("MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument ")
Set xmlDoc = server. CreateObject ("MSXML2.DOMDocument ")
'Read the xsl file
Optional Doc. async = False
Export Doc. resolveExternals = True
Using Doc. load server. MapPath (using file)
'Reading xml files
Xmldoc. setProperty "ServerHTTPRequest", true' sets the ServerHTTPRequest attribute to True to load xml documents through http
Xmldoc. async = false' set the async attribute to False to disable asynchronous calls.
Xmldoc. resolveExternals = true' set resolveExternals to True to enable external DTD analysis
Xmldoc. validateOnParse = false' set validateOnParse to False to allow document verification
Xmldoc. load xmlfile' read xml documents
Do While (xmldoc. ReadyState <4) 'check whether the ReadyState status value is 4'. For detailed numerical definitions, see msxml sdk document
Xmldoc. waitForResponse 10 'wait for the document to be fully read using the waitForResponse method. 'If the read is complete, the system suspends the service for 10 milliseconds.
'Convert xml-> html and output the document
Xmldoc. transformNodeToObject named Doc, Response
'Clear the object
Set xslt = Nothing
Set category doc = Nothing
Set xmldoc = Nothing

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