The second time I met CDN, and the second time I met cdn.

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The second time I met CDN, and the second time I met cdn.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network (CDN. The basic idea is to avoid bottlenecks and links on the Internet that may affect data transmission speed and stability, so that content transmission can be faster and more stable. A layer of smart virtual network formed by placing node servers in various parts of the network on the basis of the existing Internet, the CDN system can redirect users' requests to the nearest service node in real time based on the network traffic and connection, load status, distance to the user and response time of each node.. The aim is to allow users to obtain the desired content nearby, solve the problem of Internet congestion, and improve the response speed when users access the website.

In fact, the principle of CDN is very simple. When a browser requests a resource, the first step is DNS resolution. DNS resolution is like finding a number from the address book based on the name. The browser sends the domain name and obtains the IP address returned by the DNS server. The browser connects to the server through an IP address and obtains resources.

Javascript, CSS, images, Flash, audio, video, and other files are especially suitable for the use of CDN technology, because these files are unchanged, and all users get the same, once the files are cached through CDN, all users will benefit.

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