The session may indicate that the header has been output

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The session or header indicates that a header message has been exported.
Let me summarize the question.
1: At the beginning of the jump, the prompt error, and then I replaced the HTML jump, because I use the WAMP integration environment, I am afraid it is environmental problems, there is no big debugging.
2:session (), or prompt, I am sure that there is no output before, but this is still the hint. I've found so many ways to test it.

File included (include * *)
1) Save as UTF8 for BOM mode, Still,
2) Var_dump (Headers_sent ()); If the kill contains the display 0, do not delete the containing file will show 1.

Ability to limit, Baidu has done, but also look big hand to help me.

Output started at d:\wamp\www\blog\class\db.class.php:1
Output in D:\wamp\www\Blog\class\DB.class.php line 1th

Why not turn a blind eye to such a simple and clear hint?

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