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1. The first user browses to a page.
2. The server program reads the number of times the page has been browsed from the database or file.
3. Add the number of times to the store and return it to the first user.
4. Second user browses to a page.
5. The server program reads the number of times the page has been browsed from the database or file.
6. Add one more storage and send it back to the second user.
Functions to understand:
fopen () Open File
FileSize () Get File size
Fseek () Move file pointer
Fgets () Gets the contents of the file pointer.
Fputs () writes the string as the location of the file pointer
Fclose () Close file
File_exists () to determine whether a file exists
EXEC () Execute external program

The simplest registers:
<title> Visitor Counter Prototypes </title>
(c) 1998 David W. Bettis
Here is the copyright information

$counterFile = "Counter.txt";

function Displaycounter ($counterFile) {
$fp = fopen ($counterFile, "RW");
#打开文件, using read and Write methods

$num = Fgets ($fp, 5);

$num + 1;

Print "You are the first." $num "." "a boring person";
EXEC ("Rm-rf $counterFile");
EXEC ("echo $num > $counterFile");
#偷懒的方式哦, do not use fputs write

if (!file_exists ($counterFile)) {
EXEC ("Echo 0 > $counterFile");
#如果记数器文件不存在, create it and set the content to 0

Displaycounter ($counterFile);

PHP Registers Compare simple version:
#版权没有啦, it's so simple.

$FP =fopen ("Counter.txt", "r+");
Flock ($FP, 3);

$fsize =filesize ("Count.txt");
$count =fgets ($fp, $fsize + 1);
$count + +;

Fseek ($fp, 0);
Fputs ($fp, $count);
Fclose ($FP);

echo "You are the first $count visitor";

PHP Register graphic version:
Make 10 pictures, put the numbers in the picture group, I won't elaborate.
Suppose the picture is 0.gif ~ 9.gif

... $count for the value obtained
$strcount =strval ($count);
$strcount =chop ($strcount);
$countlen = $strlen ($strcount);
$shtml = "";
for ($i =0; $i < $countlen; $i + +) {
$shtml. = "$shtml. = $strcount [$i];
$shtml. = ". gif ' >";
Echo $shtml;

PHP Register Database version:
Using SQL registers, you build your table first.
counter int NOT NULL,
Idint NOT NULL
INSERT into counter (counter,id) VALUE (0,1)

$conn =mysql_connect (..., ...);

$sql = "SELECT * from Counter";
$result =mysql_query ($sql, $conn);
$objresult =mysql_fetch_object ($result);
$count = $objresult->counter;
$count + +;

$sql = "Update counter set counter=". $count. " where id=1 ";
mysql_query ($sql, $conn);
Mysql_close ($conn);

echo "You are the first $count visitor";
?> turn from: Dynamic Network production guide

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