The SQL Server R2 report service, bids preview reports with parameters, and the entire bids is suddenly closed.

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Database Version: SQL Server R2 Enterprise SP1 + Cu 6

Operating System: Windows Server 2003


Problem description: Develop a report in bids. When previewing a report with parameters, click View Report. All bids are disabled (if the report does not contain parameters, everything works normally ). In Event Viewer --> ApplicationProgram, You can find similar error information:

. Net runtime version 2.0.50727.3634-execution engine error (7a05aeb8) (80131506)

English error: (. NET runtime version 2.0.50727.3634-fatal execution engine error (7a05aeb8) (80131506 ))


Solution. Then I used the wrong English description to search for a foreign forum on Google. Some people mentioned that SQL prompt 5 may cause this error. So I tried to delete SQL prompt 5. Everything is done.


SQL prompt 5 removal method:

1. Control Panel --> remove from Add/delete programs;

2. In bids, choose tools> custom. After opening the custom window, keep the window open without closing. Drag SQL prompt 5 on bids to the blank area of the custom window, release the mouse, and delete it;

3. The methods for deleting the SQL prompt 5 menu in SSMs are the same.


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