The use of the Java advanced---->thread Phaser

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Phaser provides a dynamic parties count, which is more convenient than Cyclicbarrier class operation parties. It's a new class for jdk1.7, so let's learn how to use it today.

Phaser simple use of a, phaser Arriveandawaitadvance method
 PackageCom.linux.thread.thread;ImportJava.util.concurrent.Phaser; Public classPhaserRun1 { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Phaser Phaser=NewPhaser (3);  for(inti = 0; I < 3; i++) {Threada Threada=NewThreada (Phaser);        Threada.start (); }    }    Static classThreadaextendsThread {PrivatePhaser Phaser;  PublicThreada (Phaser Phaser) { This. Phaser =Phaser; } @Override Public voidrun () {System.out.println (Thread.CurrentThread (). GetName ( )+ "A Begin" +System.currenttimemillis ());            Phaser.arriveandawaitadvance (); System.out.println (Thread.CurrentThread (). GetName ()+ "A End" +System.currenttimemillis ()); }    }}

The results of one run are as follows:

thread-01501381934550thread-11501381934550thread-2  1501381934550thread-11501381934550thread-2 1501381934550 Thread-01501381934560

The code for modifying the main method above is as follows:

 Public Static void throws interruptedexception{    new Phaser (3);    Phaser.register ();      for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {        new  Threada (phaser);        Threada.start ();    }    Thread.Sleep (the);    Phaser.arriveandderegister ();}

The effect of the operation is as follows:

There are several ways to control the effect of running synchronously between multiple threads, the effect of canceling synchronization on one thread, the ability to wait at a specified barrier, support for interrupts or non-disruptive functions while waiting, and the use of Java concurrency classes to group synchronization controls on threads. Phaser is more powerful than the Cyclicbarrier class and is recommended for use.

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The use of the Java advanced---->thread Phaser

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