The younger brother has a question. could you please enlighten me and send me 70 points?

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The younger brother has a small question. could you tell me 70 points by the way? how can I debug static pages when developing php programs using ZendDevelopmentEnvironment? I mean, like dreamwaver, the above is a page under the code, what code is highlighted, and the keyword is marked in a mess, how can I solve this zend problem? could you please kindly advise me to deliver 70 points by the way?
How can I debug static pages when developing a php program using the Zend Development Environment Development tool?
I mean, like dreamwaver, the above is a page under the code, what code is highlighted, and the keyword is marked in a mess, how can this zend be done? I haven't found it in the compiler for a long time. I can only find the code box, but it cannot be changed without dynamic display.

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Big Brother, isn't it? Zend is used for logic ide! He is good for debugging php programs. It is better to use dw to write pages!
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To install the plug-in, refer:

Install the visual WYSIWYG editor in zend studio 7.

In a previous article, I said zend studio 7 has removed the WYSIWYG visual html editor, which is in step 6. x was a special feature that many developers (at least Chinese developers) sought after. it was decisively castrated by zend because of its resource occupation. Today, we plan to find the little JJ that left behind in a long history. This plug-in is used to visually edit html files like Dreamweaver or FrontPage. you can drag the html files with the mouse to create a webpage, her learning name is wysiwyg editor (wysiwyg editor). In fact, in the previous article about how to install the aptana plug-in, aptana also has a good html visual editing capability, to install this plug-in, you must first uninstall aptana because they have conflicts. Okay, let's get started!

Choose Help> Install New Software from the menu to open the Install dialog box. Paste the development Page Editor at work with and click next to go to the next step, for example:

Next .... ()

Consent Agreement ()

Downloading WYSIWYG Editor to install ing... ()

After installation, restart zend studio ()

After restarting, right-click and choose Web Page Editor ()

Aptana was found in the middle, so the above file was not opened successfully. I re-opened it, which is what it looked like when html was visually edited ()

OK. in this way, the powerful functions of visual editing are integrated. I hope you do not use zend studio as Dreamweaver ~

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