The Zen path under Linux--you know?

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Zen Paths under Linux

1. Linux One-click installation package

(i) Installation:
1) Create/opt/directory;
2) Download Linux one-click installation package (7z format, such as: zentaopms.4.0.1.stable.linux.7z), saved in the/opt/directory;
3) The installation package is self-extracting format, change the installation package permissions, command: chmod 777 zentaopms.4.0.1.stable.linux.7z
4) Execute the installation package, command:./zentaopms.4.0.1.stable. linux.7z , a opt/lampp directory is automatically generated

(ii) Start-up and discontinuation of services:
1) First, jump to the/OPT/LAMPP directory, command:cd/opt/lampp
2) Next, Root account: Use the "./start" command to launch Apache and MySQL services;

Command "./start88" uses port 88 to start Apache,

./start3308 port to start MySQL.
3) Finally, use the "./stop" command to stop the service.

(iii) Visit Zen Road:
1) Access path: http://localhost/zentao/Admin account: admin, Password: 123456

Browser Access HTTP://IP: port (Default account admin, password 123456)

User name of the database: root, the password is empty.
2) If you start with Port 88, you need to access the Http://localhost:88/zentao

Change the value of debug in zentao/config/my.php to True

Start:/opt/lampp/lampp start

Stop:/opt/lampp/lampp stop

Restart:/opt/lampp/lampp restart

2. XAMPP Modify Port

XAMPP default ports are used as follows: Httpdhttpd_ssl MySQL ftp four

HTTPD using 80 ports

Httpd_ssl using 443 ports

MySQL uses 3306 ports

FTP uses port 21 However, in the case where the upper port is occupied, we can make xampp run up by modifying the XAMPP default port method.

1, modify the HTTPD 80 port:

Modify Listen 80 in the/opt/lamp/etc/httpd.conf file to a different port number, for example 86

2. Modify the 443 port used by the Httpd_ssl

Modify/opt/lamp/etc/extra/httpd-ssl.conf in Listen 443 to a different port number, for example 4443

3. Modify the 3306 port used by MySQL

Modify/OPT/LAMP/ETC/MY.CNF in port = 3306 to another port, for example 3309

4, modify the FTP port 21

Modify/opt/lamp/etc/proftpd.conf in # port 21is the standard FTP port. Port 21 modified to other ports

3. Environment view view of MySQL environment

Enter the database:

[Email protected]:[/opt/lampp/bin]mysql-uroot–p

Change Password:

mysqladmin-uroot-p password ' newpassword '

LAMPP is the directory generated after XAMPP installation/opt/lampp

Zen Road project Management build LAMPP/HTDOCS/ZENTAOPMS after installation


Mailbox Configuration Modifications

Linux go to MySQL Environment

Mysql-h host Address-u user name-P user Password

or mysql-u user name-p password database name < database name. sql

Linux under Import Database


Linux To Export the database

Mysqldump-u User name-p password database name > database name. sql
#/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump-uroot-p ABC > Abc.sql

4. installation directory 4.1/opt/lamp directory

4.2 etc Directory

4.3 Bin directory

4.4 Zentao Directory


4.5 Mysql:/opt/lamp/var

ETC MY.CNF under the catalogue includes Port 3308 and Environment

4.6 MySQL's my.php

Change Password my.php


4.6.1 my.php Content

Change the value of debug in zentao/config/my.php to True


5. Links



The Zen path under Linux--you know?

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