The zlib solution cannot be found when LTIB is compiled in Linux. ltibzlib

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The zlib solution cannot be found when LTIB is compiled in Linux. ltibzlib

Recently I was using the ARM-based Cortex-A9 kernel. MX6Q quad-core processor is used to develop a product. When compiling LTIB on ubuntu 12.04, zlib cannot be found (required library files have been installed before ).

The error message is as follows:


Chenke @ ubuntu :~ /Imx6/L3.0.35 _ 4.1.0 _ 130816_source/source/ltib $./ltib

Ltib cannot be run because one or more of the host packages needed to run it
Are either missing or out of date or not in ltib's standard path. Please
Install/upgrade these packages on your host. If you have your own utilities
In non-standard paths, please add an entry into the. ltibrc file for example:

% Path_std

Package Minimum ver Installed info
Zlib 0 not installed

Died at./ltib line 1409.
Main: host_checks: 1409
Main: 554.

Started: Tue Dec 2 13:54:43 2014
Ended: Tue Dec 2 13:54:49 2014
Elapsed: 6 seconds

Build Failed

Exiting on error or interrupt
Chenke @ ubuntu :~ /Imx6/L3.0.35 _ 4.1.0 _ 130816_source/source/ltib $


Cause: Install the script when compiling LTIB with ubuntu12.04.


Script which patches the ltib folder on Ubuntu 12.04.


$ Cp <your ltib folder>

$ Cd <your ltib folder>

$ Chmod + x



Script download:

Official documents:

For other problems encountered during compilation, refer to the following methods:

1. ubuntu 12.04 LTIB zlib error code issue

2. ltib compilation on ubuntu12.04



When creating a symbolic link, some Linux commands on the Internet are as follows:

The directory name above cd/usr/include/sudo ln-s i386-linux-gun/sys is incorrect and the i386-linux-gun should be changed to i386-linux-gnu with the complete command below: cd/usr/include/sudo ln-s i386-linux-gnu/sys last compiled successfully interface:

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