Thinking in C + + Chapter 1

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Chapter One: Evolution of objects

1.1 Basic concepts
Object-Oriented Programming _oop
The first facing opposite programming language: The 60 's Simula-67, the purpose: solves the simulation question;
Class: Describes a set of objects that have the same attributes (data elements) and the same behavior (functions);
Another OOP language:smalltalk;
Inheritance: Represents the similarity between a base type and a derived type;
Early bundle: The compiler generates a call to a specific function name, and the connector determines the absolute address of the calling execution code;
Late Bundle: When a message is sent to an object, the code of the call is not determined until the program is run. The compiler ensures that the called function exists and completes the type checking of the parameters and return values, but it does not know the exact code that will be executed.
The keyword virtual indicates that a function has the flexibility of late binding.
The virtual function (virtual function) means that classes in the same family are allowed to behave differently. These differences are the cause of polymorphic behavior.

1.3 Party Law
Complexity Analysis:
Principles of programming Development:
(1) Internal principles: The structure of the program itself (through the expression of programming language to understand. It is the nature of the procedure that makes the program work);
Scientific work FORTRAN (formula-translation);
Commercial COBOL (COmmon business-oriented Language);
Pure Computer Science Lisp (list-processing);
Mathematical APL (A programming Language);
BASIC (beginers all_purpose symbolic instruction Code);
(2) External principles: The source information of the program ("Design Document", not "product documentation".) Is the analysis of the procedure, in order to maintain and understand the procedure in the future;
Foobleblah documentation Specification;
A. Communication: The nature of things created by external principles
Ideal external principle objective: To make communication about program analysis and design easier.
Central problem: produce good design.

Thinking in C + + Chapter 1

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