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* ** The file class actually describes filepath.
File Path = new file ("./bin/outputverifier. py"); // get the file

File Path = new file ("./bin"); // get the folder

String [] list = path. list (); // get the file and folder list in path. if the list (filenamefilter filter) file is a directory, you can use the list () method to obtain an array of names of all the files and directories in this directory, the List () method, one is no parameter, and the other is a parameter that implements the filenamefilter interface. For example, to obtain all the java files in a specified directory, you must use the second list () with parameters () method *** reader writer inputstream outputstream provides Unicode-compatible and character-oriented Io reader for byte-oriented Io reader. inputstreamreader can convert inputstream to reader outputstreamreader and convert outputstream to writer ** * buffer the input file buff. Eredreader in = new bufferedreader (New filereader (filename);, in. readline (); *** input stringreader in = new stringreader (bufferedinputfile. read (". /src/IO/bufferedinputfile. java "); int C; while (C = in. read ())! =-1) system. Out. Print (char) C); *** formatted memory input datainputstream is a byte-oriented class, which uses inputstream as the parameter
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