thinkphp implement recursive loop column and follow the method of infinite pole output of tree structure, thinkphp recursive _php tutorial

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Thinkphp implements recursive loop column and follows the method of infinite pole output of tree structure, thinkphp recursion

In this paper, we describe the method of thinkphp to implement recursive cyclic columns and to output infinite poles according to tree structure. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

This uses the thinkphp recursive loop column to output the infinite pole of the tree structure and save it as an array, which facilitates the template invocation

The specific code is as follows:

Private Function CategoryTree ($parentid, $level)//Because it is used in this class, it is set to private functions {$Category = D (' Category '); $result = $Category- >where ("' ParentID ' =". $parentid)->order ("Listorder desc,catid desc")->select (); if ($result) {$count =count ( $result)///Current sub-column number $level++;//sub-column level foreach ($result as $v) {$index ++;if ($count = = $index) $step = "└─"; else $step = "├─"; Step.=str_repeat ('  , $level-1); $nbsp =str_repeat ("'   , $level-1); $nstr = $nbsp. $step; if ($parentid ==0) $nstr = $v [' Step ']= $nstr; $newData [$v [' catid ']]= $v;//echo $nstr. $v [' CatName ']. "
if ($v [' Child ']==1)//If there are sub-columns {$newData = $newData + $this->categorytree ($v [' catid '], $level);}}} return $newData;}

PHP recursive column saved as an array

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It is hoped that this article is helpful to the PHP program design based on thinkphp framework. true techarticle thinkphp implement recursive loop column and according to the method of the infinite pole output of tree structure, thinkphp recursion This example tells the thinkphp to realize recursive loop column and follow the tree structure infinite pole output ...

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