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Entry file

Thinkphp uses a single entry mode for project deployment and access, and regardless of what functionality is completed, an application has a unified (but not necessarily unique) portal.

It should be said that all applications start with a portal file, and the entry files for different applications are similar.

Portal file Definition

The entry file is mainly completed:

    • Define frame path, project path (optional)
    • Define system-dependent constants (optional)
    • Load frame entry file (required)

5.0 The default application portal file is located public/index.php with the following content:

// 定义应用目录define(‘APP_PATH‘, __DIR__ . ‘/../application/‘);// 加载框架引导文件require __DIR__ . ‘/../thinkphp/start.php‘;

Some system variables can also be defined in the portal file for related binding operations (typically used for multiple portals), which are later involved and are not mentioned.

APP_PATHdefining an absolute path increases the efficiency of the system's loading.

In some cases, you may need to load the framework's underlying boot file base.php , and the difference between the boot file and the one that start.php is not actively executing the app, but the need to do the application itself, here is an example:

// 定义应用目录define(‘APP_PATH‘, __DIR__ . ‘/../application/‘);// 加载框架基础引导文件require __DIR__ . ‘/../thinkphp/base.php‘;// 添加额外的代码// ...// 执行应用\think\App::run()->send();

thinkphp5.0 Portal File

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