Third-party development libraries common to iOS

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Develop several common open source class libraries and:

1.json JSON encoded decoding
2.GTMBASE64 base64 encoding and decoding
3.TouchXML XML parsing
4.SFHFKeychainUtils safely save user password to Keychain
5.MBProgressHUD Awesome one loading wait effect frame
6.ASIHTTPRequest HTTP and other related protocol encapsulation
7.EGORefreshTableHeaderView drop-Down refresh code
8.AsyncImageView asynchronously loads a picture and caches the code
9. The erection of similar setting is also a column procedure
10.mbprogresshud--Progress Indicator repertoires
11.flurry--Detailed usage statistics
12.coreplot--2d graphic Plotter
13.GData Client--iphone All Google related services on the class library
14.sdwebimage--Simplified Network image processing
15.regexkitlite--Regular Expression support

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