This Python script is awesome, the second to grab the red envelopes, but also ignore the recall message

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Once had a "share is very sufficient" big red envelope, put in front of me, I did not cherish, if God gave me another chance, I will say three words to the people who send red envelopes: another one. If I want to add an upper limit to the amount of this red envelope, I hope it is 200. (Because the red envelope is the biggest red envelope is 200)

I think a lot of friends have encountered such problems, especially in the family of friends and relatives, many times others have sent a red envelope but do not know! It's hard to be ...

There is another situation:

When the goddess who has been fond of himself has sent herself a message, she has not yet seen it, and withdrew it. is not himself in the heart "YY", she is not what, and then you ask her, she said nothing.

This feeling is very torture people have wood!!!

Don't worry, don't be uncomfortable!

Today, Xiao-bian brings a "black technology"

Develop a small helper with Python

The main features include the following:

  1. Auto Alert Group Red Envelopes

  2. Automatic monitoring of recalled messages

  3. Group keyword Reminder, GROUP by @ reminder

It's not a lot to say. The code needs full Python code to scan the QR code below.

This Python script is awesome, the second to grab the red envelopes, but also ignore the recall message

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