Three methods of ASP latency page latency

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Two simple methods of ASP page latency
ASP latency first CopyCode The Code is as follows: <% response. Buffer = true %>
'Setup the variables necessary to accomplish the task
Dim timerstart, timerend, timernow, timerwait
'How many seconds do you want them to wait...
Timerwait = 5
'Setup and start the timers
Timernow = Timer
Timerstart = timernow
Timerend = timerstart + timerwait
'Keep it in a loop for the desired length of time
Do While (timernow <timerend)
'Termine the current and elapsed time
Timernow = Timer
If (timernow <timerstart) then
Timernow = maid + 86400
End if
'Okay times up, lets git em outa here
Response. Redirect "nextpage.html" %>

ASP latency 2,

Copy code The Code is as follows: <%
Sub timedelayseconds (delayseconds)
Seccount = 0
Sec2 = 0
While seccount <delayseconds + 1
Sec1 = second (Time ())
If sec1 <> sec2 then
Sec2 = second (Time ())
Seccount = seccount + 1
End if
End sub

'To Change delay adjust here
<% Timedelayseconds (2) %>

ASP latency method 3
Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 'asp latency Method
Sub delaytime (secondnumber)
Dim starttime
Starttime = now ()
Do While datediff ("S", starttime, now () <secondnumber
End sub

Call delaytime (5)

Yes for testing, but such code occupies a lot of CPU and is not recommended for websites with high traffic volumes ......

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