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Background information:

In recent years on quality system certification/evaluation, quality management consulting institutions have sprung up, including the good and bad, both high standards of professionals, but also mixed a lot of impostors.

And as a company that has always attached great importance to quality management, from ISO to CMM, from CMM to CMMI, from Level 2 to Level 3, from 3 to 5, each step is down-to-earth, both accumulated rich experience in the project and absorbed a profound knowledge of management theory, and has a group of high-quality quality management team. Therefore, in the consultation and training this aspect, compared to other traditional pure theory of quality management consulting companies have a greater competitive advantage, so the company also consider this piece as the future development of another major direction.

Development opportunities:

With the rapid development of information industry, the management bottleneck encountered by software enterprises in the development process is becoming more and more restricted to the improvement of software development level. Many enterprises in the development process often encounter changes in demand frequently, the progress of serious delays, the development and maintenance costs are expensive, product delivery after the problem of continuous problems. According to statistics, more than 70% of the software projects developed by the traditional way are not successful, more and more enterprises have recognized the importance of improving the management level to the development of enterprises, are eager to find a way to improve their development management level.

In June 2000, the State Council issued a number of policies to encourage the development of the software industry and the integrated circuit industry, and the fifth chapter 17th of the paper clearly stated "to encourage software export-oriented enterprises through the GB/T19000-ISO9000 series of quality assurance system certification and CMM (Capability Maturity Model) certification." Its certification costs are properly supported through the Central Foreign Trade Development Fund. ”

The introduction of a policy, many enterprises have been aware of the establishment of one or more quality management system has become a software enterprise survival and development of the inevitable trend. ISO 9000 International standard is based on the summary of the British national standards, and the CMM model is summed up in the U.S. software industry successful experience on the basis of the results. Both in the basic principles of the same nature, the relationship is very close, are concerned about the quality of software products and process improvement. But the difference is also clear, the CMM is designed specifically for software companies, and ISO 9000 was designed primarily for traditional industrial enterprises. Therefore, for software enterprises, the CMM appears to be more professional and advantages, which will certainly give a lot of CMM consulting and training institutions to bring huge market development space.

Adverse factors:

The cost of implementing the CMM is generally higher than the cost of establishing the ISO 9000 system. According to statistics, the East soft through the CMM5 level of direct and indirect investment more than tens of millions of dollars, Xinyu in passing the CMM/CMMI5 level directly and indirectly cost nearly 5 million yuan. Therefore, the software enterprises without certain economic strength dare not try easily.

Many software enterprises have long formed the management of bad habits and the existing corporate culture and the institutionalization of the management concept of CMM There are also some conflict of places. Breaking the old system and building a new system is bound to bring corporate pain. In addition, some ISO9000 consulting companies in the implementation of software enterprises, because only familiar with the content of quality management, software development process is not clear, the lack of a profound understanding of the industry characteristics, just the standard mechanically take over to see whether the standard coverage, Provide more than one or two sets of other samples of the company to make the enterprise changes to become its own system, not according to the circumstances of the enterprise. Therefore, caused a variety of problems, causing the industry to a similar quality management system distrust, which also for the software companies behind the implementation of the CMM has brought obstacles.

In addition, because the CMM emphasizes gradual improvement rather than mutation, it is difficult to see significant results in a short period of time. Coupled with the implementation of the system is easy to encounter many problems, such as the leadership does not attach importance to, project managers, developers conflict, software engineering and quality management personnel can not get the authority and respect, will also make the effect of the implementation of a major discount. In this case, if the enterprise decision makers do not have a firm support attitude, it is difficult to ensure that implementation is not halfway. And this failure has become a new negative case, resulting in a vicious circle.

Model discussion:

The specific approach is to provide a full range of internal evaluation and consulting services for the process improvement of software organization, to help establish and improve the software development process, which is the level of software development and management of software organization to reach Cmm/cmmi. Includes process improvement Strategy consulting, process definition consulting, Process Assessment consulting, CMM/CMMI model training, process implementation consulting, process diagnostics and internal evaluation.

Available resources: The company's SEPG members, quality Department of QA engineers as training consulting work.

Applicable objects:

1, has been suffering from frequent changes in demand, product quality, slow progress, serious delays, the development and maintenance of high costs and many other problems, hope that through the practice of good internal strength, improve their own management level of software enterprises;

2, the development of management level stagnation, the need to find a way out, improve the existing management model of software enterprises;

3, facing the financial, telecommunications, postal and other high quality requirements of the industry's major customers, the urgent need through the implementation of CMM/CMMI, improve the competitiveness of the domestic market in software enterprises;

4, has the software export demand, wants through the Cmm/cmmi grade appraisal, attains the international market the pass, enhances in the international market competitive software enterprise;

5, hope that the use of advisory training institutions to find the advantages and weaknesses of enterprises, the formulation of improvement measures, improve software quality, training talent, the strength of large software enterprises;

6. Conduct independent software development, quality management, testing and maintenance of military and defense industry institutions;

7, has established the ISO basic management system and hopes to further introduce Cmm/cmmi to improve the development of management level of software enterprises.

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