TI Processor SDK Linux am335x evm/bin/setup-minicom.sh hacking

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#!/bin/sh## ti Processor SDK Linux am335x EVM/bin/setup-minicom.sh hacking# Description: # This article mainly on the TI SDK in the setup-The minicom.sh script is interpreted in order to understand # its working mechanism. ##                                       .-4- -Shenzhen Nanshan Ping Shan Village Zengjianfeng # This distribution contains contributions or derivatives under copyright# asfollows:## Copyright (c) ., Texas Instruments incorporated# All rights reserved.## redistribution and useinchsource and binary forms, with or without# modification, is permitted provided that the following conditions# is met :# -redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,# Thislist of conditions and the following disclaimer.#-Redistributionsinchbinary form must reproduce the above copyright# notice, ThisList of conditions and the following disclaimerinchthe# Documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.#-Neither the name of Texas Instruments nor the names of its# contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived# from  Thissoftware without specific prior written permission.## This software was provided by the COPYRIGHT holders and Contribu tors#" as is"and any EXPRESS OR implied warranties, including, but not limited# to, the implied warranties of merchantability and  FITNESS for A particular# PURPOSE is disclaimed. In NO EVENT shall the COPYRIGHT HOLDER or# CONTRIBUTORS being liable for any DIRECT, INDIRECT, incidental, special,# exemplar Y, or consequential damages (including, but not LIMITED to,# procurement of substitute GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS of Use, DATA, or# profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of# liability, WHETHER in contract, STRICT liability, OR TORT ( including negligence# OR OTHERWISE) arising in any-out-of-the---the-software, even if# advised of the Possibilit Y of SUCH DAMAGE.CWD= ' DirName $0'. $CWD/common.shminicomcfg=${home}/. Minirc.dflcat<<EOM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"This step wouldSetUp minicom (serial communication application) forSDK developmentfor boards that contain a USB-to-serial Converter on the board such as:    *Beaglebone*Beaglebone Black* am335x evm-skthe Port used forMinicom'll be automatically detected. BydefaultUbuntuwill not recognize Thisdevice. Setup would add a udev rule to/etc/udev/so that fromNow on it'll be recognized asSoon asThe board ispluggedinch. For other boards, the serial would defualt to/dev/ttyS0. Please update BasedOn your setup.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------EOM The default port Portdefault=/dev/Ttys0echo""Echo"Note:if your using any of the above boards simply hits enter"Echo"And the correct port would be determined automatically at a"Echo"later step. For all other boards select the serial port"Echo"That's board is connected to."Echo"which serial port do I want to use with minicom?"Read-P"[$portdefault]"port# If there is no input, then the default configuration is usedif[!-N"$port" ]; Then Port=$portdefaultfi # Pre-backup configurationif[ -F $minicomcfg]; Then the CP $minicomcfg $minicomcfg. Old Echo Echo"Copied existing $minicomcfg to $minicomcfg. old"Fiecho"PU Port $portPU baudrate115200PU bits8pu parity Npu stopbits1pu minitpu mresetpu mdialprepu mdialsufpu mdialpre2pu mdialsuf2pu mdialpre3pu mdialsuf3pu mconnectpu mnocon1 No CARRIERPU mnocon2 busypu mnocon3 no Dialtonepu mnocon4 Voicepu rtscts No"| tee $minicomcfg >/dev/null# Tee: Reads the standard input data and outputs its contents to a file. Check_statusechoecho"Configuration saved to $minicomcfg. You can change it further from inside"Echo"Minicom, see the Software Development Guide for more information."Echo"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"

TI Processor SDK Linux am335x evm/bin/setup-minicom.sh hacking

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