[To] Shen OU jsy2000-06 controlled telephone switch call forwarding settings

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Description: IfShen ou controlled telephone switchextension something is not in place or when busy extension is busy in order to make some important words do not lose, you can set the incoming phone calls to other extensions and public network fixed telephone or mobile phone. The telephone switch uses this function regardless of where the extension user can receive the office of the word, work, leisure or go out to do two, fully realize the extension and mobile phone or fixed binding.
Call transfer permissions are divided into two types: internal call transfer, outside call transfer.
Call transfer mode is divided into four kinds: all incoming call transfer, busy transfer, no answer transfer, busy + no answer transfer.
(1)Shen ou controlled telephone switchCall permission settings for external lines in extension
NOTE: For telephone switch extension users to set up call forwarding on the phone, the service administrator must set up the "Inside call is transferred" and "External call transfer" permissions in advance for the user.
Switchboard Programming Format:
Call transfer permission for the phone switch inside:
Settings: *95*6* ext. *1#
Cancellation: *95*6* ext. *0#
Call transfer permission for telephone exchange outside line:
Settings: *95*6* ext. *3#
Cancellation: *95*6* ext. *2#
Service desk Operation:
In the (Extension parameters) screen, double-click the "ext call is transferred" grid hit "Yes"
In the (Extension parameters) interface, double-click the "Outside line call is transferred" grid hit "√"
(2) Shen OU controlled telephone switch call transfer Mode setting
Specific option Settings Description:
1) All Call forwarding
Note: Where calls to the telephone switch with "All call transfer" extension, the words are transferred to the set number (other extension, mobile phone or landline).
2) Busy transfer of opportunities
Note: When the telephone switch extension is set to meet the busy transfer number, when the extension is busy, the extension can be transferred to the number set.
3) No answer transfer
Note: The internal and external line call set no answer transfer extension, such as the extension has no answer, to be ringing to set the number of times, will automatically transfer to the number set (if the extension is busy, the direct removal). The transfer mode is also set to wait for the number of ringing, can be set 1-7 times.
4) minute chance busy + no answer transfer
DescriptionShen ou controlled telephone switchWhen the extension is busy or the extension is not answered, it will automatically transfer to the external line number set.
Switchboard Programming Format: (first set the call Transfer type, and then set the call transfer number)
Switchboard Sets or cancels the call transfer type for the specified extension:
*95*4* ext. *m#
M: Cancel Call Transfer Type
m=0 for Extension Call Transfer type
M=1 a busy shift for the opportunity to divide
m=2 for no answer transfer
M=3 for sub-opportunities, free transfer + no answer transfer
M=4 for all call transfers
Controlled telephone switch in-machine setting the call number for the specified extension:
*95*3* Extension Number * transfer number #
Switchboard set specify the number of non-response rings (1-7)
*95*5* ext. * Number of Rings #
When the telephone switch has the internal and external line call transfer permission, the phone can be set for call transfer, the command format is:
All call Forwarding: *57* Transfer number #
Sub-opportunity Busy transfer: *57* transfer number #
No answer transfer: *57* transfer number
*57* Transfer number: *2* Maintenance Time #
Minute chance busy + no answer transfer: *57* transfer number 3#
Cancel Transfer: *57#

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[To] Shen OU jsy2000-06 controlled telephone switch call forwarding settings

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