Top-level scripting languages: PHP, Ruby, and Python

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Evans Data released the script language survey results. In the minds of more than 500 developers and IT experts, PHP, Ruby, and Python are their favorite languages. Over time, the application of scripting languages in enterprises has also changed. This survey lists the advantages and disadvantages of each language. Richard dice (Chairman of the Perl Foundation) said in a recent interview that the scripting language is on the rise in the enterprise, not just for simple tasks or prototyping. They have a wider application scope.
During the survey, users should score the language based on the following characteristics (derived from the questionnaire:

    • Easy to use
    • Exception Handling
    • Extension
    • Maintenance/readable
    • Cross-platform migration
    • Community
    • Available tools
    • Tool Quality
    • Performance
    • Memory Management
    • Client script
    • Security

The languages surveyed include: ActionScript, flex, JavaScript, Microsoft F #, Microsoft powershell, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and VB script. Generate a survey report based on your opinions.

The overall score (including the weight) puts PHP, Ruby, and python at the top.

In this survey, the best languages are those open source languages that evolve in a way that complies with natural development patterns. The proprietary Microsoft language, despite its powerful support from software giants and numerous resources, is not well received by users like open-source languages.

In users' eyes, Ruby and PHP have the best usability, while Python has the highest scalability score. Among the three languages, Ruby's Community power is particularly significant:

The Ruby community is quite small, but everyone is actively involved and has the courage to express their opinions.

The report also mentions a common debate: Ruby performance.

Even the users who are most keen on Ruby will doubt the performance of Ruby applications, and some well-known Web 2.0 applications written in Ruby, serious problems have been exposed in terms of performance and scalability.

The report also highlights another issue: developers' attention to security is as low as ever.

Finally, Ruby scores are: easy to use, community, cross-platform porting, maintenance/readable, and exception handling.

Antonio cangiano and Peter Cooper disagree with the challenges faced by ruby in. They believe that the real challenges faced by ruby come from technology or preaching. According to the EDC Survey Report, the ruby platform requires client scripts (the highest JavaScript score in this regard) and tools (quality and availability ).

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