Top Ten Ubuntu applications let your computer fly

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Article Title: top ten Ubuntu applications let your computer fly. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

One night, the Ubuntu 7.04 system became the choice of the operating system for millions of computer users around the world-whether they are new users of the Linux system, it's the rebellion between Windows and Apple's Mac computers, or the system administrators with thick black-box glasses who like to stare at the obscure binary code like a book. Although the Ubuntu 7.04 system has integrated many powerful applications, you can be surprised to find that there are many free and prosperous Linux desktop applications, they are comparable in terms of functional applications or competitors that surpass their Windows systems and Apple computer platforms.

Today, we have carefully selected 10 Ubuntu applications that are widely acclaimed by netizens and dedicated to the GNU/Linux system platform. What are you waiting? Add them to your Ubuntu Desktop System and let your computer take off again!

10th: Beryl (graphic interface)

This is a feast dedicated to Linux system users for graphic interfaces and graphic acceleration. Beryl attracted the eyes of countless non-Linux users and aroused heated discussions. Beryl provides a display desktop image similar to Apple Mac OS X in Linux, real-time window preview, and enhanced window switching mechanism, desktop cube Rotation effects, window translucent and animated effects, and more. Although it only supports a certain part of the video card, but these brilliant visual effects created by Beryl, it is enough to make the Linux system GUI comparable to the latest Windows Vista system and Apple Mac OS X system.

Ubuntu users can install Beryl using the following command (on Supported Hardware:

# Sudo apt-get install beryl-manager beryl emerald-manager emerald

9th: Gmail Viewer (Checkgmail, email reminder)

Although there are similar versions of Gmail email reminders on Windows and Mac platforms, the open-source "Gmail Viewer (Checkgmail) "added some additional enhancements for Linux users. The Gmail viewer will reside in the system tray of the desktop toolbar. You will be notified when new Gmail emails arrive. In addition, it provides some additional enhancements for users, such as enabling mail, marking it as read, archived, reporting as spam mail, or deleting this mail.

If you are not a Gmail user, there is no need to feel frustrated. The mail reminder function of Gmail viewer also supports other POP3 clients.

For Ubuntu, you can run the following command to install the Gmail Viewer (Checkgmail ):

# Sudo apt-get install checkgmail

8th: Brightside (mouse gesture)

The Brightside software can assign personalized commands to mouse gestures. This means that moving your mouse pointer to different locations on the computer screen will automatically trigger various predefined actions.

For Ubuntu, you can run the following command to install Brightside:

# Sudo apt-get install brightside

7th: Katapult (Program loading software)

Katapult is a keyword-based program loading software, which is very similar to Launchy on Windows and Quicksilver on Apple Mac systems. Katapult can quickly start any application or bookmarks installed in your system. All you need to do is to enter the first few letters of the corresponding object name.

Ubuntu users can install Katapult using the following command:

# Sudo apt-get install katapult

6th: Liferea (RSS news reader)

Liferea is a perfect desktop RSS news reader. If you haven't used Google Reader or other online RSS news reading software, Liferea is definitely worth a try. Liferea is a lightweight and responsive software that shows the total number of RSS news you have not read, it also allows users to classify, add bookmarks, and mark different Feed news sources. In addition, Liferea allows you to browse the original website one by one. My personal favorite Liferea provides a function that allows you to check your subscribed RSS news updates as you like.

Ubuntu users can install Liferea using the following command:

# Sudo apt-get install liferea

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