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For the last three days, there has been an article titled "Why Linux is not ready for desktop. Most of the time, these articles stem from lack

Understanding and acceptance of open-source systems. I will fight back against some common ideas against Linux and try to help people understand why

Linux may not appear on your desktop within a period of time.

Linux on the desktop, page 1
Remember, I am a Linux User (yes, on the desktop), so you will surely see some prejudices here. I firmly believe that the opinion is still positive

Yes, so please think about it before accusing me of it.

Disclaimer: the points expressed below are largely the author's points of view. You may not agree and we will look forward to any excuse.

Linux is not easy to use.

Isn't it? How many of you use Linux as your first computer? I guess there will be very few. We all know that "different"

Not "difficult ". I have been doing research on this topic for a long time, and I have taught new students on Linux (gnome ).

A little difficult. But this is not the key. When criticizing open source, the key thing is to remember that open source is still largely a group of volunteers.

. You have no right to ask for anything as long as they want to help you. For a long time, people still try

To obtain basic functions. Since that has been realized, people will eventually put their time on "convenience of use. Linux is

Improvement. I am a relatively new Linux User (one and a half years), and I have been using Linux for a short period of time.

Great strides. However, if Linux is not perfect for everyone, it is correct and it is getting better and better. These

It does not happen in a day, so every week's complaints are rude to developers.

Although criticism is correct. Comments are really helpful, but most articles simply say, "Linux is not as simple as windows.

". If you have a very unique point of view that is helpful for practicality, subscribe to KDE or gnome for a bug report. You will be surprised

They may reply quickly to your questions. Remember, "Simplicity" is secondary, so the specifics will help us solve the problem.

I will go deep into the details, but I am still studying it. Although there have been a lot of research outside of that, and many indicate that Linux

It is simple for new users.

Linux is not perfect.

What does "perfection" mean? In my opinion, it means that the internal operation of the operating system is invisible to users.

Harmonious environment. This is contrary to the basic principle of Linux, or at least for a long period of time. Linux is related to openness, and

Let users fix everything roughly. It is hard to convince people that Linux should not do that. But fortunately, the same essence

God allows people to learn Linux and turn it into what they want. In this case, (Linux is) "perfect ". Remove some "feature" ratios

I have to say it again, "patience ". These things take time. No normal person will say that Linux is not

To "perfect ". If you want to help, write something and hand it over to Kde, gnome, or your favorite desktop version.

Linux (developers or community) is fragmented.

I think it's close to the truth. Linux has one of the closest communities I have ever seen. There are few small "splits"

Debate. One of them is often heard of "too many releases !". I must say, why? Why are there so many releases?

? What forces you to use every one? Nothing. All releases are unified, so it is not like there are more than 100 different operating systems

System. What unified the Linux release version? For beginners, they all use the kernel. They all use the GNU tool. They all use

Xfree86. Both use glibc. You understand this. One or two versions (which may be embedded) do not use these features,

If all versions of % 95 are used, I will complain. Linux distributions are unified because most of them use the same software. Only

The "Custom" software is the installation and management of packages. Installation is rarely required, so it is not so portable

Important, especially if the "desktop" is designed to have it installed on the machine in advance. Package management is not that important because all processes

The ordering package management system performs the same basic work. They manage packages. You just have to learn new commands, even at that time, in the release

In this article, "fit" will be a popular system, so it is sufficient to understand that. Windows 98 is different from Windows XP. Things have changed, and

It is not difficult to adapt to the problem only slightly (like between releases.

Some may say there should be only one or two releases. This is not logical. Linux is widely used, and its openness allows you to create

Create a special version. Without thinking about it, I know that we may need a version with a firewall, a common version, a server version, and an embedded version.

And "starting from scratch. It is ridiculous to say that I should use fedora or Gentoo on my mobile phone for beginners.


In addition, I believe everyone can't speak of a certain version. People have different tastes, which is that simple. I believe most people will

Realize this. Many people do not like windows, so why is it "suitable for everyone "? It is obviously uncomfortable

And that's why many of you are changing or wishing to change.

Because there are "too many releases", people complain that it is impossible to get a package of the version you selected. This is only one of non-open-source applications.

Problems. The charm of open source is that all developers need to do is release a source code package and let the Package Manager package them. Now

The online download system is almost included in every major release. Log on to a website and the manual download is becoming obsolete. This is

Is windows different? Absolutely, but it is better. I use a small release (archlinux), and I want

Every software. This exists. Even so, I have to release the pacman packages site.

Then there are people who haven't seen KDE and gnome, and programs like that. They just said that people should work together for "greater benefit"

. This is a bit impractical. Not everyone can get along in harmony. If the whole society works like this, we will all drive on Ford Motor (

Thanks to those who posted this comment), and they all eat chocolate ice cream. Competition is good even if it sacrifices compatibility. Because we use two

Programs and their coordination ( is easier than learning a program and adding more features while maintaining stability


Linux is moving too fast.

This is probably the most effective argument. Linux is moving fast. It is always changing and improving. The problem is whether it is "too fast ".

. I personally think this speed is good. Patches are fast, and new features are always added (free of charge ). But a person may

A system (such as Windows) that can be updated every 2-3 years ). People say this is impossible on Linux, and developers will not

Create an application because the API is always updated. Fortunately, there is already a perfect solution to this problem, Debian stable. You

You only need to upgrade every several years, and it feels as stable as its name implies. For developers

This is not a solution because you can only support one database two years ago. Although this is only a torment for non-open-source developers, because if

Applications are open-source and really great. People will help you transplant them. This is a different branch of many open-source projects that have been discontinued.

As evidenced.

Linux does not support commercial software/concepts.

Therefore, you cannot use non-open-source applications to encapsulate software. Is that a problem? Yes. But once again, you must remember the GNU public

Why is it built with a license (most Linux software is released under it ). It is built to help promote the development of a completely free system.

Non-Open Source Software violates this belief, so it is naturally not compatible. This is a strong attitude. No one has the right to say "open-source ideas"

Yes. People with different beliefs will have to live in harmony. There are different religions, and they basically oppose each other.

Method To "tangle ". Just like in the real world, sometimes two groups of people cannot get along in harmony. When selecting Linux, you must remember this

Point, and if you really disagree, you should not use the GNU Public License Software.

Then people say that Linux/open-source will ruin the business. Let's assume that there is no need for anything except Open Source Software for one minute. Shengsheng

How to make money? Simple, through services. Another common method is to customize the available open-source applications for a special company's needs.

. These two types are not "temporary" and will bring about the source of income. This is another difference. We must remember that Linux is always

Strong, at least to some extent. This idea will change society, not just adapt. I'm sure many of you are afraid of changing, no

Link, we are all. However, open source is helping lead a new economic plan. This will eliminate the current "software" system and proprietary software.

Remember that supporting an economic model is not a social work. Don't feel bad if it makes a small number of people unemployed. People will have to adapt,

But it is rare to say that society will become a bad place if software is free. Open-source games balance many things in society, including

Growing globalization. We are people in the same world. For this reason, I support that idea. You may say that I am a hot man,

But I try my best to understand it rationally, and my point of view may change in the future.

There are too many hot people.

As I have already done, Linux is conscious to some extent, and this is inevitable. People are very concerned about this operating system because we

All of them have invested our time, money, and code to make Linux powerful. You are proud of what you have done. However, this is an advantage.

People are proud of their work and do not want to see it fail, so they will do their best to make it the best possible. Like Microsoft

Companies may be less concerned about whether they make the best products, as long as they can make money. Eric Raymond has discussed this in detail. You can

Read the "fair and Cathedral" to get a deeper understanding.

Does anyone think Linux is flawless? Yes, but this is true for every operating system. Most people simply want to make Linux better

Some. As an end user, you have thousands of people who work for you, all from their kindness. Can you ask for more?


But unfortunately, I will add some fanatic elements and try to fit your moral nature. Skip this section.

Blow. Some people will say something like "I only use the best software at work, I don't care about politics ."

Reason. This is the main cause of monopoly and other problems. In a money-driven society, every purchase you make is inherently political.

. When you buy something from a company, you are saying "I support your practice ". Microsoft is using unfair means and a lot of blow

Mao is famous for his shortcomings. Even if Windows is a good platform, you cannot ignore this issue and say that you do not want to be political. Start now

It's time to think about whether Microsoft wants to control your computer. You may decide that you will feel comfortable with it, but there is no reason not

Consider it.

Linux is slow.

There is no "argument" about this. It is just a claim. But I want to clarify one thing that is often raised around me. "X is slow ." X11 is

Protocol. Only one special implementation can be slow. If you feel xfree86 is slow, please provide some

Evidence, because I have not seen any evidence of this. The problem is that many releases want to display everything by default. When I used

When a man's mandrake is installed, three different servers run on the desktop. This is obviously slowing down things.

In my experience, the default installation of Windows is quite bloated, but you often hear people say, "if you just turn off unnecessary servers

!" Treat Linux with the same attitude to show fairness.

No driver.

Yes, yes. Linux supports more hardware than windows. The problem depends on the hardware that supports common "desktops. In very long

For a period of time, this is very difficult because the company will produce cheap hardware to save money. This cheap hardware is not that compatible and not

Follow the standards. I remembered HP's laserjet1000 (not 1012), winmodems, and wincams. Fortunately, the trend

Changing. Many companies have ensured improvements to Linux support, and I believe they are. But if you want to get a Linux drive CD, you don't

You will see the big picture. Ideally, the hardware is fully supported by the drive path embedded in the standard kernel (and open-source) to "out-of-the-box ".
After the Linux system is installed, it can support much more hardware than windows. If you want evidence, it can be stored in your new hardware.

See. Windows may not support your new TV card with a specific solution, or it doesn't know your sound card at all.

Windows does not load too many drivers, so you are forced to use CD. I have a set of modern systems, and all my hardware can

Supported by the Linux standard kernel, no additional driver is required. Yes, this is a commercial system. It is not an "immature" system.

Household machine. That is to say, I understand that "it works for me" is not enough.

No application.

Have all famous applications been transplanted? No, they do not. However, the intention is to build some good things and some open-source things. Ideal

In other words, what we want is a substitute, not a sum. With open-source programs, you rarely have these porting problems because

Volunteers will transplant this application if it is good enough. You don't have to rely on a company to obtain new features/patches. For daily desktop workers

In Linux. Web browsing, text processing, email, and PIM are mature and stable. Of course, Linux lags behind

But it is improving every day. It is false to say "No application. There is a large application substitution table. Of course

There are many other tables like this.

I know what you're thinking. "But {filling in expensive monopoly software} is not available !" Well, complain! Write a letter to the company,

Let them transplant the software. They don't transplant software unless they know people are concerned. Applications come in a timely manner. Linux is also

In the "Rise", and the process is slow. First, the Foundation must be established, and the main focus must be on the above. With Linux

As a mature development platform, we will see that famous manufacturers will eventually contract under pressure.


I want people to take one thing from here. That is, remember that Linux is compiled by ordinary people. They can only do so much, so fast.

Linux will eventually come to the desktop. Please do not try to force it. Like IBM's commercial speech, "Linux is open... the future is open.

." Linux can be anything you want. There is nothing to prevent you from helping one version of Desktop Linux or your favorite desktop ring.

Environment/device to solve the problem. If you lack coding or technical skills, money is always needed (and beer ).; -)

Finally, you may be saying, "I already know this !". These ideas are nothing more than a summary of all the debates I have read. Please reply casually

, Please do not include another article "Linux is not ready for desktop.

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