TTM builds Android image content sharing for Development Board Knowledgebase-4418 Board

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The 4418 board was developed based on the Ubuntu12.04.2 platform, and all configuration and compilation scripts were also based on this platform. If you are familiar with Linux and Android development, I believe that you will be based on the error prompts to find the cause and solve, the error is generally selected platform is missing some library files or tools, etc., otherwise, we recommend beginners to use and our consistent platform, That is Ubuntu12.04.2, you can download the Ubuntu12.04.2 image on our network, please refer to the steps provided in our manual when installing it, we have been rigorously tested to avoid missing some components needed for development.

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First, the basic environment settings

Using a mirror that has already built the build environment, the user only needs to install the virtual machine "VMWARE_WORKSTAION_WM",

Then use the virtual machine to load the Ubuntu image to build the environment.

"Built-in Mirror" provides Web site for everyone to download, loading method reference

"3.2 Install virtual machines and software such as Ubuntu12.04.2".

Users can also build their own compilation environment, refer to the "sixth chapter build Android Environment"

Second, the source of the overall compilation

After loading the built-in Ubuntu image, compiling Android also lacks a JAVAP command, in the Ubuntu command line, under any directory, using the command:

Update-alternatives--install "/USR/BIN/JAVAP" "Javap" "/USR/LIB/JVM/JDK1.6.0_43/BIN/JAVAP" 1

Next, you need to configure the kernel defaults, go to the extracted source directory of Android, and then enter the kernel directory, using the command "cp-r config_for_itop4418_android_ar8031. config" To configure the default file. If the NIC chip is RTL8211, use "cp-r config_for_itop4418_android_rtl8211. config".

After the compilation is complete, under the result directory,

Generated the Uboot file "U-boot-itop-4418.bin";

Generated the kernel file "boot.img";

The Android file system "cache.img" "system.img" "Userdata.img" was generated.

After compiling, uboot source code, kernel,android and intermediate files (not including the source compression package) occupy 40G space, if the compilation does not pass, with the command "Df-l" to see the hard disk space enough.

Product development to select the 4418 Development Board:

TTM builds Android image content sharing for Development Board Knowledgebase-4418 Board

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