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Recently, according to foreign media reports, Ubuntu has penetrated into (or solidified) the "body" of the Motorola smartphone (Droid4), making it a new "miniComputer". For more information, see "ubuntuunofficiallyavailableforthe?ladroid4" (published on July 4, March 10 ). As you know, Motorola's "Droid4" is an Abdroid smartphone, which is then "burned" in its body"

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Ubuntu has penetrated into (or solidified) the "body" of the Motorola smartphone (Droid4), making it a new "miniComputer". Please refer to the news article entitled "Ubuntu unofficially available for the Motorola Droid 4" (published on April 4, March 10 ).

As we all know, Motorola's "Droid4" is an Abdroid smartphone, and then "burned" A "heterogeneous" operating system Ubuntu in its body, so that the two can coexist peacefully, it is not easy to share system data harmoniously. As long as this small smartphone is connected to the computer's big display screen, it will immediately become a "mini desktop", allowing users to freely process data, play music, and browse photos on it, and so on, which greatly facilitates mobile phone users and is a big selling point. This is the so-called "Ubuntu for Android" plan.

In principle, all Android smartphones can do this (of course, they must have certain "hardware specifications", but they cannot do it ), is a development direction (not limited to the Motorola family ). The implementation of the Ubuntu for Android program requires "Technical Experts" who are proficient in software and hardware. Some people say that Ubuntu is not as creative as Apple. Turning a cell phone into a big computer is not a technology creation. What is that? Some people don't even dare to think about this kind of thing.

As we all know, the ARM processor is the "heart" of a smartphone. When the task is heavy, the heartbeat rate accelerates. If the sleep process is performed, the heartbeat rate is very low, which is about several MHz, so as to reduce power consumption, just like a turtle (quick change of mind ). The ARM processor has a wide range of specifications and different performance. It is not easy to bind with the operating system, and requires a lot of "configuration" work (software and hardware ). A hardware and software expert told me that mobile phone hardware resources are extremely "Limited", which is very complicated and difficult to make (that is, the structure design is not good) and often suffers from "circuit disorder, mobile phones are only "hot" (processors are busy), but radio signals cannot be sent out. This is often the case with shanzhai mobile phones.

Apple's product features "excellence" and high price. Think about Apple's initial investment in product R & D (very large), and think that Apple's product "high price" is also a bit "reasonable ". To compete with Apple, Ubuntu is far from sufficient financial and material resources. However, the Ubuntu development community has a headache for Apple, for example, when it adopts the "large payment" strategy. Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes. Apple cannot do anything about Ubuntu.

Let's imagine that in the future, we will implement "Ubuntu for Ubuntu" on Ubuntu smartphones? Of course. That is to say, Ubuntu smartphones are also "mini computers" (that is, they will be connected to a large display screen ). Isn't that a technological innovation? I think it should be a technological innovation. The Ubuntu smart hand becomes a Ubuntu Desktop, And the Ubuntu Desktop can become a tutv smart TV. This "Reverse Thinking Mode" is a bit strange, but it is indeed very creative. The traditional pattern of the IT industry has been stirred up by the strange tricks of Ubuntu. The new Ubuntu "personal cloud" connects different types of mobile devices and operating systems to achieve "Big synchronization" of data ", it seems that people have entered an "illusory world ",...... I thought about it again.

Note: Ubuntu does not consider it interesting to imitate Microsoft XP everywhere. It is more interesting to play games independently! In China, imitating the XP route will surely fail (or there is no future )!

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