Uidplayer for iOS release! The perfect encounter between the prototype and the real machine!

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Perhaps you have been uidesigner for mobile senior designer, perhaps you have been through Uidesigner for mobile to complete a number of product design and online, and even bring great success to your company, but you may still have a hint of regret still not satisfied, that is, Your design has to stay on the computer all the time until the development engineer realizes it.

In fact, the moment you design the product, you and your team can start cheering, your boss can start cheering, and your client can start to get feedback on the program, and it doesn't have to wait for the development engineer to make it happen that day. To this end, Tencent CDC developed Uidplayer for IOS, so that you enjoy the results of your early!

Uidplayer for iOS is an application that can be installed on the Apple iOS device (iphone/ipod touch/ipad), Uidesigner for The design done on mobile and exported demo file (. uidp), via itunes into your iOS device, simple three steps to achieve the design on the real machine demo.


First step: Install Uidplayer for IOS

Open the App Store on your Apple iOS device and search for "Uidplayer" to find Uidplayer for iOS apps. Of course, as you expected, we prepared a convenient two-dimensional code for you.

Alternatively, you can find uidplayer for IOS by visiting the itunes link.


Rest assured that it's completely free, but note that Uidplayer for iOS needs to be installed in iOS 4.3 above the system environment.


Step Two: Export the demo file

Open your design in Uidesigner for Mobile, select the menu prototype → export the demo file , and generate a demo file (. uidp) for your design.


Step Three: Pass the demo file to Uidplayer for IOS

Use the data cable to link an Apple iOS device with Uidplayer for iOS to a computer with itunes, and make sure itunes has correctly identified your device. Select your device in itunes, select apply , find File Share , select Uidplayer in the left box, and click the Add button on the right to add the demo file (. uidp) to the right box.

Run Uidplayer in the iOS device and click the Refresh button in the upper-left corner of the interface to see the demo file just passed in the list. Click on the demo file to open the Real Machine demo tour.

For more Uidesigner and uidplayer information, please visit: http://uid.cdc.tencent.com

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