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What is the British mansion? The British building is a business class game, this game high image of the restoration of real department store story scene, humanized plot design difficult moderate, meticulous clever game set props let you feel the fun of the game, and strive for the players to create an immersive department store building, full of entertainment and leisure and business shop combination, The experience is full of feelings!

British building English name: British Building, is said to be a game company in the United Kingdom development and operation of a leisure business games, this game high-image restore real department store story scene, humanized plot design difficult moderate, meticulous exquisite game set props let you feel the fun of the game, Strive for the players to create an immersive department store building, full of entertainment and leisure and business stores want to combine, experience full!

The main functions are:

1, the new floor, the purchase of shops, the operation of shops, 2, the recruitment of staff, the distribution of staff positions; 3, elevator functions: Transport customers to the opening of the shop, gold coins can be awarded, 4, Task system, 5, friend system, 6, trading system, 7, mail system, 8, mall, 9, personal information.

UK Building Model Description:

One/Floor currency

Usually will be deposited into the bank, three reasons, one is a bit of interest (see, haha mosquitoes again small is meat), two is, if not careful wrong, the money spent to do not want to spend the place, wasted ah. Third, every three months to redecorate, there must be a preparation.

Second/Staff Recruitment

Recruit the cheapest staff, 10,000 floor of the currency. The building has a total of four industries, there will always be counterparts.

Recruit an employee, save 20 yuan, 30 floors, 57 employees, save 1140 yuan (can cover 3, 4, 5, 64 floors).

Staff arrangement, in two kinds of circumstances to consider. First, the main convenience, the second is to make money.

1, easy, priority arrangements for the corresponding staff to enter the procurement positions, unified the floor opening hours, convenient to log in the building to collect money.

2, make money, priority to arrange the counterpart to enter the sales position, increase the percentage of income.

3, start from the top of the arrangement.

Third/non-counterpart employee income expenditure comparison

Casual recruitment, spending 10,000, accurate recruitment, spending 30,000, a difference of 20,000.

Procurement positions, the counterpart increased by two hours, not the counterpart only an hour. Upgrade to the shop level, the cost is less than 20,000, the multi-upgrade shop level, can save costs.

Sales position, 1% increase in sales per day less than 55 floor currency, the year's income growth can not compensate for the more spent on the 20,000 floor currency.

Four/Floor Upgrade

Unified upgrade, so that business hours are the same, if you are willing to work hard at the beginning, every three hours to harvest, the accumulated funds to increase the new floor can also be considered.

Due to the large post-upgrade costs, it is recommended to upgrade to a maximum of 8 hours of harvest, local tyrants can be 24 hours.

Five/building is not compound interest mode, big investment, only big output.

Six/Time adjustment

We took the time adjustment in two steps.

1, unified business hours, because the opening time is not uniform, with low income floor to the high income of the floor, in this process, there will be some floors closed waiting.

Gradually revise the floor level, when all floors are open eight hours, and at the same time to collect money, enter the next adjustment.

2, adjust the time to your own feeling the most comfortable time harvest. In this process, it is no longer necessary to stop the business to adjust the time, but instead of changing the purchasing position of the staff, to replace the staff of the non-counterpart, reduce one hours of business hours, one day can be revised 3 hours, regardless of adjustment, two days later, you will have the most comfortable working hours.

Choose the advantages of our company:

1. we understand you better; we are an internet company with a solid foundation, and we are well aware of the sales channels and models in various industries.

2. The model is more mature; distribution from the year development system to the present, the model through continuous innovation and upgrading, from the beginning of the three-level distribution, to now have agent mode, manufacturers Unified shipping version, Agent stock version, free shipping version, multi-mode Sub-Commission version to now the latest 020 mode distribution system platform, and then to buy . 0 yuan to buy . to the current development of customized systems.

3. We are more professional: we can improvise, no matter how the times change. has been imitated, never surpassed . The latest 020 mode, Guangzhou's most professional distribution system platform to develop the earliest and most professional distribution system platform small where the team, a strong operational and technical team to ensure that the current The stable operation of multi-family differential pin paid customers, weekly iteration, push into a new mission.

UK building game UK building app custom development system

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